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June 16, 2010

look! I think that’s bj in his provincetown perch!

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June 15, 2010

oh no! now with the vacation pics…..

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i know, i know, when, oh WHEN! will the porno come back? (when i get a nice sloppy blowjob, that’s when! OK, i’ll settle for some under the ball tickling…)

ah, not to worry, not as many pics this time around.

June 14, 2010

miss me?

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relaxing on my little perch overlooking Provincetown Harbor a few days ago. and now, making the adjustment to nyc sounds, etc. back at work tuesday morning. sigh. more later (maybe). sigh. 9 beautiful amazing relaxing days.

struggling to hold on to the feeling, not 5 minutes after landing back in nyc i’m arguing with a cabdriver. “NO! I’m not paying for your mistake, how the heck did you get here where the only choice now is the Williamsburg Bridge? i live three blocks from here – – see ya!” as I get out of the cab, him still struggling with a map. A map! to get from Chinatown to the Lower East Side (hint to out of towners, they are next to each other, and you don’t go through Brooklyn to get there!)

June 3, 2010

tube socks and balls

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mmmm, Nova Films’ Ty Arthur, who you may remember from such films as Beached! and Soccer Games. damn! just two films?

June 2, 2010

gordon grant and….?

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the pic is from a magazine I sold years ago, called Heavy Loads, but originates form the film The Crotch Watcher. The scenes from that film of Gordon pigging out in a public bathroom are just lovely, truly lovely. But part two of The Crotch Watcher (or is it part three, i ferget) has Gordon picking up a young blond, and they head back to Gordon’s place where the usual happens. But the annoying thing is that everywhere – and I mean everywhere (although the Falcon website has him as just “Chris”), misidentifies the blond as Chris Burns . This guy is NOT Chris Burns, but I’ve never seen him before or since, and have never seen his real name.

June 1, 2010

Outsider Porn: The Photographs of David Hurles

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No word on when Joe Gage will complete work on his documentary of OLD RELIABLE, but this weekend you can check out this ART OPENING – Outsider Porn:The Photographs of David Hurles , curated by none other than John Waters. Of course, the images above aren’t from David Hurles still photography, but stills from his videos. In fact, if you want, check out some some teaser videoclips over here; who knew Eric Ryan went by the name “Peace” when he did Old Reliable work!

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