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November 30, 2010

California Fox

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directed by: Fred Halsted (1978)
Starring: Chuck Grady, Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero), Don Edwards, Steve Warren (AKA Johnny Harden), Mike Morris, Dave Daniels

a collection of “loops” filmed by Fred Halsted around the same time as Pieces of Eight (one loop, Desert Fox with Mike Morris & Dave Daniels is actually in both videos), and put together in this collection. The other loops are California Lineman 1 & 2 and Legend of Big Meat – a Steve Warren (AKA Johnny Harden) solo. I find it interesting that in this trailer, they show neither Johnny Harden nor Mike Morris, who were certainly bigger names at the time (and since) than Dan Pace, and certainly skinny Chuck Grady and balding (and hot) Don Edwards who never appeared in any other films.

and then check out the box cover art from HIS VIDEO:

quite common at the time, but exceedingly annoying nonetheless, was the habit of putting models on the box covers who weren’t in the video! the front cover, who the f*ck is that? I don’t care, and I am in fact glad he’s not in this video – but if I did like that type, I’d be disappointed to not find him there. The back cover? That’s super hot Jason Steele’s back – who is nowhere in sight in this video (look at the front cover box for HIS Video’s release of Joe Gage’s Kansas City Trucking Co. – again, Jason Steele! who’s not in that film either!) really really annoying.

note: The 4 loops only total about 40 minutes running time, so the HIS Video version has added in trailers for:Pleasure Beach, FALCONHEAD II, Caribbean Cruising, and Kenneth Holloway’s The Spirit Is Willing to the tape. The earlier video release by COSCO/ VCA has trailers for The Boys of Venice, Morning, Noon & Night, Jocks, Kip Noll & the Westside Boys, and Bad Bad Boys

November 29, 2010

guitar balls

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November 28, 2010

Winn Strickland

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AKA Mike Davis

I should revise the Mike Davis page to include his set design work, almost exclusively for Al Parker films like Century Mining and Hard Disk Drive

November 27, 2010

Bill Cable &

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from Wakefield Poole‘s 1972 film, Bijou

November 25, 2010

don’t forget to say GRACE

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Saturday, November 27

322 East 14th Street
New York City

November 24, 2010

more from Mr Dean

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more from In Touch magazine

November 23, 2010

roy dean

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from In Touch magazine; fergot to jot down which issue

November 22, 2010


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You don’t see a lot of ass shots of this man. Known primarily for his huge uncut meat , Toby starred in such films as Bruno’s World, Chute, Toby and Mark and what I believe is his only non-Colt film, Workout (see below)

November 19, 2010


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directed by: Alan Purnell (1982)
Starring: Morgan Winner (body-builder), COLT model Toby, Ross Sanderson, and Peter Moran

i wanted to write something about this clip, this director, and of course, TOBY! – but alas, late for everything, and gotta run!

November 17, 2010


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this popped up last week, around the corner from where I live. for just over two years, whenever i left my block, i would pass by the Obama vs McCain mural that went up back in early October of 2008. I remember watching it going up, and since then watching people stop suddenly at it, or take pictures in front of it. I even remember briefly someone had defaced it with the word “socialist” on Obama’s lips. And then, after the election, someone painted a big red X though McCain, and the words “Buh Bye” under him; and the word MAKE was changed to MADE. hard to remember just how good the excitement and yes, pride, felt back then. and since – the disappointments; and damn, the “shellacking” two weeks ago! but alas, i’m still holding on, and I still have hope – it’s just not that giddy feeling, which we all should have known wouldn’t last. it’s tough, the assholes just seem to be smarter, and more dedicated, and soooooooooooo comfortable lying and being greedy fucks. And “our side”? – our allies? scaredy cat wimpy loser fuckheads, right? but i dunno, the mural, it just somehow mattered to me having it there (and the big red X through McFuck’s face), and maybe even more so after this past election. and now, gone.

I walked past it today, and ran into my local letter carrier emptying the mailbox in front of it. She smiled and said hello through her headphones, and i gestrued with both hands toward the blank blue wall. “What happened to Obama?” she frowned. I shrugged, frowned back, and walk along, empty.

November 16, 2010


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November 15, 2010

spiders scare me

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