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April 29, 2011

blue shorts

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April 28, 2011

when the marines came pt 2

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When The Marines Came
(1987 compilation)
Starring: Gordon Grant, Chad James, (others, but none credited)

I love this clip! and who can name the music (or name the model)? it’s fantastic, turn it up! (and I dare ya not to jerk off with this great soundtrack!)

April 27, 2011

call me Paul

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(they called me Ledermeister)

who’s your friend, Paul?

April 26, 2011


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from one of two photospreads in HONCHO’s July 1980 issue; each from Zeus Studios – 12 pages in all.

(previously posted pic)

April 25, 2011

(alternate easter post)

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spending easter with some fuzzy friends

Michelangelo of Male Photography

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Gordon Grant, Wilfried Dubbels, Bob Bishop, others

Roy Dean Nudes (1977) (grrrrr, errrr) (1987)

check this out – a whole bunch posted here – Laudiel’s Blog – Nudes By Roy Dean; in fact, he has several Roy Dean posts over there.

April 24, 2011

jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine

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Second Coming

directed by: Peter de Rome (1970)
Starring: Peter De Rome, Barry Lowe, Bill Abney, Ivan Alderman, and Robin Elphick

April 22, 2011


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from the October 1975 issue of Queen’s Quarterly

April 21, 2011

when the marines came

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When The Marines Came
(1987 compilation)
Starring: Gordon Grant, Chad James, (others, but none credited)

If you can get through the garbled intro of Chad James and his buddy (“here we see him (Gordon Grant) do what he never did – suck cock” – um, have you ever seen a film outside his solos where Mr. Grant doesn’t suck cock??) you’ll see the first sex scene from the film Hot Truckin’. Notice a few things have changed, however – in the full-length film, this scene is inter-spliced with Nick Rodgers (here credited as Larry LeBlanc) and Johnny Dillon in a Men’s Room sex scene; also, the music and voiceover has been changed – one of those where there are more people groaning on the soundtrack than on the film! the slurpy sounds are funny, but then kinda annoying after awhile, eh?

April 20, 2011

this is a public service announcement – with guitar!

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know your rights! all 101 of them

Great photos from Division of Marine Fisheries biologist Erin Burke, who took several photos of endangered right whales spotted off the coast of Provincetown the other day, when 28-30 right whales were spotted. But then yesterday, about 101 of the animals were spotted in an aerial survey!!!

Oh f*ck I wish I was there!

The other thing that i think is cool is that because of the amount plankton in the area, they can predict these wonderful creatures will be around for another week before the plankton runs thin and the whales move on. If yer up in the area, get out to Herring Cove, Race Point, Truro, or wherever, with your camera, please!

treehouse, sorta

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enjoying one of the nearby community gardens last weekend

one of my neighbors

April 18, 2011

Don Bowman

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Gordon Grant, from the 1978 magazine, Exhibit, Number 2, from Falcon studios Roy Dean’s 1976 “Man of Moods”

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