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July 31, 2011

who needs some mouth-to-mouth?

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QQ Aug ’73

July 29, 2011

caption this

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July 28, 2011


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Bijou Theater

July 27, 2011

grrrrr, missing WHALE WEEK!

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Whale Week: A Celebration of the Sea

“The idea of Whale Week is to strengthen the connection between our community and the sea, for it is the incredible marine environment surrounding us that makes Cape Cod such a special place.” – this is the first year for Whale Week; I hope it becomes an annual event in p-town!

July 26, 2011


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who knew?

July 25, 2011


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July 23, 2011

tail end of Bear Week

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got back to nyc wednesday night; some observations: bears in person are much shorter than bears on the internet; p-town in July is very very (very) different from p-town in September; can someone take a sledgehammer to those annoying bicycle bells?

July 21, 2011


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directed by: Fritz Gemeiner (1970’s)
Starring: Casey Schwergel, Duncan Hard, Duncan Hines, L. Modiewark, and Richard Coulhouns

July 18, 2011


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the single, cosmogony!

July 16, 2011

merman QQ1970

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July 14, 2011

heaven, heaven’s bodies, whirl around me, make me wonder

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Cosmogony.mp3 (live)

( utube has a MUCH better quality recording ……meanwhile this great new song swirls around my head….)

in the beginning….. i can’t remember if it was our 2nd or 3rd date, but we were out at Herring Cove, late at night alone looking up at the magnificent stars, listening to the waves, the breeze, as we stood close in the cool late September air. Suddenly he pulled out his phone, and of course i thought it was odd, but he held it up to the sky to show some sort of “app” that lets you see the names of the stars, constellations, and what not. I pulled in close to look, but not really for the purpose of seeing the app, but as an excuse to touch, and feel his breath, and share the joy of the beautiful place we were in together…….

heaven, heaven’s bodies, whirl around me, dance eternal

July 13, 2011


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