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Wow BJ, I’m surprised no one else responded. I waited to see if I would be the only one. Evidently your audience prefers rugged men to boyish types. I like them both. : ) I have to admit I was among his many fans. He had lots of charm. I know a lot of queers who thought he was downright magical. They love his super-blond hair, uncut dick, and sunny, cheerful persona. He was always smiling. It’s rather hard to believe that he was difficult to deal with, according to William Higgins.

It’s sad he died so young; only 29. I actually thought he got more beautiful as he got older. He matured into quite a handsome young man. His face filled out and he got more muscular. His facial features got more prominent. There’s quite a contrast to the way he looked in his first film, “Good Times Coming” in 1982, to his last film, “Giant Splash Shots II” in 1986.

1983’s “Leo and Lance” had to be his best film. He shows great camaraderie with Leo Ford. Did you know that Ford also died in 1991? Both of them died within weeks of each other. William Higgins’ films weren’t much in the way of film technique or style, but he compensated with spontaneity and humor. A lot of his models were pretty generic and anonymous looking, but there were also a lot of hotties and cuties. Some of them like Lance brought a kind of innocence to porn. Higgins obviously worshipped youth. The only rugged performers he used with any regularity were J.W. King, Giorgio Canali, and Michael Christopher. Am I right?

During the 80’s, a couple of movie revival houses near me, would sometimes show gay porn on a special night. I always went even if I previously saw both films that were billed. It would always be packed. Seeing a porn film with a bunch of queers is a lot of fun, as compared to going to a porn house. There’s such a responsive contrast. The atmosphere is very casual and festive. In a porn house, everyone is very serious as they walk around and cruise. Everyone sits scattered among each other. Did you ever have these two kinds of experiences to compare?

Anyway, this one night they showed both “Sailor in the Wild” and “Leo and Lance”. Before “Sailor” started, a theater employee surprisingly announced that both Leo Ford and Lance would be making a live appearance during the first intermission. Totally impromptu; just like that. Well sure enough, they appeared. Many in the audience were skeptical that it would actually happen. They went to the front of the theater and first, Leo Ford got handed a microphone. He said, “Hello, I’m Leo Ford” and then handed the mike to a surprisingly muscular Lance, who said in a loud, boastful voice, “And I’m Lance!” They brought the house down with cheers, applause, and cat whistles. I looked at the audience, so many were grinning from ear to ear, especially the older gentlemen. They then said they would be in the lobby to meet everyone and answer any questions.

After they left, “Leo and Lance” was shown and of course, everyone laughed hysterically at the famous scene where Ford sits on Lance’s dick too quickly, and yells out “Ouch!” I didn’t ask them any questions in the lobby after the film, because I was too shy. It was getting late and I didn’t want to miss my bus. Ah, those were the days, before porn was mainly restricted to the internet. *SIGH*

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