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December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

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Sorry, been a bit lazy lately – as you can tell from the above recycled pic. Too lazy to even take a new New Year’s jockstrap photo – sheeeesh! Currently in Chicago with family, friends, and of course, my hubbahubba BF. Hope y’all have a great New Year!

December 28, 2012

Jocks & Cocks

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Released on VHS with Tony Prince’s Rawhide, and retitled Jock Dreams (1981) – wish I never sold that tape! More photos over at Vintage Gay Media History.

December 24, 2012

Bumping pouches

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Happy Xmas

December 17, 2012

Christmas present….Christmas present….Christmas present….

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director: Francis Ellie (1979)

Starring: George Payne & Jack Wrangler; plus Brian Ray (Santa); , Giuseppe Welsh (helicopter), Adam DeHaven, Kurt Mann, Snapper Foster, Derek Thurston, and Anna Freed

Another rerun, another clip from Navy Blue – but it’s just soooooo good! Classis story – two guys in the Navy on a 12-hour leave in NYC, each secretly in love with the other, but can’t bare to admit it to the other and risk jeopardizing their friendship. They part ways, and Jack Wrangler is trying to enjoy site-seeing on his own, but loses himself in thought looking at one of the Christmas-decorated windows, imagining a romantic encounter with his buddy, 70’s bearded hunk George Payne, complete with disco-theme music, of course. (BTW, the music is SPACE’s Magic Fly). Remember guys, this is also the film with the wonderful blowjob in the helicopter flying over Manhattan skyline scene.

December 15, 2012

eBay item of the week – Paul Barresi

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So I’m doing my usual trolling on eBay (the traditional meaning of trolling – meaning fishing), and i come across this intriguing item – PAUL BARESSI Barressi LOT gay for pay HAIRY HOLE daddy Water Sports LA Tool Die – ooooooh, I think as I look over the collection of mostly VHS items – Falconhead Two: The Maneaters (1984); Hot Male Mechanics (1985); G.I. Mac (1988); Hairy Hole Hounds (1997); LA Tool & Die (1979);Water Sports (1992). Gosh, I have most of these – LA Tool = str8 sex scene, G I MAC = solo whack off, Falconhead = solo whack off, Hot Male Mechanics (pictured above) = another solo whack off, but what could the 1992 release, Water Sports be? i think, like Hairy Hole Hounds it’s just some old scene form a previous video, and most likely the Hot Male Mechanics scene in the shower, right? But what if I’ve wrong, and there’s some hot Paul Barresi little know watersports movie?

Meanwhile, enjoy this clip that I like to call Daddy has a bag of dildos.

December 13, 2012

HONCHO, Oct ’86

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must’ve been shot in some NYC apartment, right?

December 9, 2012

Santa wears a jockstrap

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Navy Blue

directed by: Francis Ellie (1979)

Starring: George Payne and Brian Ray (Santa) – this scene; also stars Jack Wrangler, Giuseppe Welsh (helicopter), Adam DeHaven, Kurt Mann, Snapper Foster, Derek Thurston, and Anna Freed

This great scene from Navy Blue finds sailor George Payne wandering around Manhattan, stumbling upon a Santa raising money for charity (not to worry, it’s not a Salvation Army Santa, so you can enjoy guilt-free) who uses several awful double entendres to pick up sexy sailor George Payne.

and enjoy the crappy Xmas music soundtrack – “Sleigh Ride, by Leroy Anderson, then the “Ukranian Bell Carol”!

Click one of the pics to view scene.

December 8, 2012

i know you know this cock

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Garsh, someone emailed me these two screenshots 2 years ago, and I don’t believe I ever replied! bad blogger – BAD BLOGGER!! anyway, he had downloaded this movie, and fixed the bad color, sent me the screenshots, and asked it he should upload to a bit torrent site. I know nothin’ ’bout bit torrents, and of course have several VHS of this out-of-print, never-on-DVD film, so forgot all about it. Anyway, sorry guy form Poland, I’m an idiot, i should have responded and said “good work” and if you’re still poking your head in around my occasional porno-crazed blog, um, GOOD WORK!

December 6, 2012


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December 5, 2012

by the fireplace

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Roy Garrett and Bob Shane

December 2, 2012

Whale Alert!

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This is the very last whale (humpback) picture I took on the very last Provincetown Whale Watch of 2012. but I am hearing the right whales may be returning early again this year, so I’ve been keeping my eyes on the Whale Alert App, and I’ve noticed some activity nearly every day the last two weeks!

This is from this past Wednesday. The “whale tale” icons show where the listening buoys are in the shipping lane, and the yellow indicates where the hydrophones that are mounted on the buoys specifically to detect right whales have detected them – cool!

December 1, 2012

who does your hair?

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Chicago Meatpackers 1989

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