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May 30, 2013


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I guess the Liquid Plumber wasn’t working – Scott Avery gets his drain cleaned out by plumber Michael Christopher – 1984

May 29, 2013

Parker & Dehner

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Fascinating photo spread with Al Parker and Wolf Dehner; in the 10 pages and 16 photos, Parker is completely naked but Dehner is completely clothed (in his “hot cop” outfit). very hot.

May 28, 2013


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Richard Locke

May 26, 2013


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May 25, 2013

Al Parker, 1977

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from Colt’s Gallery series, 8-1/2 X 5″, 1977; here’s a bunch more Al Parker stuff

May 24, 2013

Oh Mr. Grant!

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more Gordon, but not all Gordon Grant. How ’bout a clip from Hot Truckin’? And this puzzle’ was eventually solved, right? Small pic, but still, it’s a Gordon Grant sandwich! What, you want a clip from The Crotch Watcher ? How ’bout a shower pic?

May 23, 2013

Bull Dozier

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who you may know from such films as Up Tight! (AKA Closeup, with Nick Rogers), and Satisfaction (AKA, Bull Dozier) a solo, which this pic is from. oh wait, that’s it?? grrrrrrr!


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May 22, 2013

Lloyd Kasper

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May 21, 2013

go ahead, rub my belly!

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May 20, 2013

Seagers & Locke

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from an L. A. Tool & Die photoshoot

May 19, 2013

Down For The Count

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Danny Milano and Dale Arnold (AKA Greg Dale) in Down For The Count , 1982. Danny Milano, and his tattoos, apparently have only been in one other film, Heavy Tooling, but I swear I’ve seen him solo, at least in a magazine spread, that makes me wonder if he’s also been in another film, even if only solo.

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