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July 2, 2014


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Pics are from a Falcon magazine entitled Abducted, no doubt from the film of the same title. But cast credits for Abducted , only mention “Kenny” and I swear the bearded white guy looks like Dick Trask, and the blond guy looks like Joey Yale. What do ya’ll think?

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  1. You’ve must have forgotten that I mentioned this loop before:

    Thanks for the Falcon magazine pictures. I always knew that the bearded guy was Dick Trask, but I had no clue that “Kenny” was indeed Joseph Yale. Up close, I can now recognize his height, build, and ugly hair style.

    This loop clip that I previously posted doesn’t show Yale’s face too clearly, but I can now tell that it’s definitely him:


    Comment by Obsessed — July 12, 2014 @ 12:56 PM

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