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January 31, 2015


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Paul, Hawk, Barry & Bob, Bruno & Shane

January 30, 2015

Brian Hawks

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from the bathroom scene in The Bigger the Better (1984)

January 28, 2015

Bruno & Bull

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more Bull

more Bruno – (mostly)

and a bit more Bruno & Bull

January 27, 2015

Byron Hawkwood

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Pretty sure he never appeared on film or video; pretty sure this is an early 1980’s pic, when the “girlier” underwear started appearing on Colt models. More pics of Colt’s Byron Hawkwood

quick update: I think Colt’s Spurs #4 may have been where the bulk of these pics come from, and that issue came out in 1980 – he’s in about half the photos from this 48-page publication (my notes from selling this some years back: “on a boat, in and around water, with “regular” and fu-manchu style mustaches; not to mention the amazing body and smile that won’t quit!”

Byron also graced the cover of Mandate’s May 1980 issue.


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Mandate, 1984

January 26, 2015

Hawk Morgan

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while there seem to be a heck of a lot more pics of this gentleman as Colt’s Sam Dekker, there’s something about the “animal” shirt series he did for Fox Studios that I really dig.

or maybe it’s the headband???

January 25, 2015

Nova film’s OH, BROTHER!

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from director Robert Walters, starring Eric Reikert (AKA Cory Monroe), Kurt Reikert (AKA Erik Russell) – the “brothers” who do a one-on-one scene together, Gian Carlo, and Ross Franklin (not seen here). You can view a short clip at Bijou Video.

January 24, 2015

Steve Taylor & Will Seagers

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Weekend Lockup

January 23, 2015

Weekend Lockup

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Weekend Lockup (1978?) with Al Parker, Will Seagers, and Steve Taylor

January 21, 2015

The House Painter

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Roger and Joe Andrews from The House Painter (AKA Breakfast in Bed) (1970)

January 19, 2015

halsted nipples

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have I posted this before?

January 18, 2015


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