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February 28, 2015

Ok, now gnarl your cock….

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Brad Mason

my favorite of Mr. Mason is the “saranwrap scene” from Michael Zen’s Falconhead Two (1983)

February 27, 2015

Baressi and Seagers?

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Looks like Paul Baressi and Will Seagers in a pool. Don’t think I’ve seen any other photos with the two of them paired off. They were both in the same Joe Gage film, L.A. Tool & Die, but not in the same scene. Wonder if there are other pics?

February 26, 2015

tee hee!

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Clinton Coe, Man Parrish, and Joe Gage (the tickle-ee)

February 25, 2015

Brothers Should

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You know the story, J.W. and his kid brother Jon haven’t seen each other in 4 years, and Jon tells big brother J.W. about his and his friends’ sexcapades in the big city. After several other searing tales of lust, the King brothers can’t resist any longer; one thing leads to another, and ……!

adults only

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…and some ramblings from 2002….. Clay Russell to Bjork

….I am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions

February 23, 2015


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February 22, 2015

weekend upstate

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February 20, 2015

swimsuit edition

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I need summer!

(I know, I know, only in 2 gay porn films, Cooling It and Bijou, and neither time does he actually do it with another man.)

Surf’s Up

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From a 1980 publication, I sold this magazine in 2006, but alas didn’t keep as many scans as I should have. Featuring Steve Taylor , Jack Hudson, and Brad Scott – 48 pages, only 1 ad page (for more Surge Studios product) and 18 in full color, which included the front and back covers. “Just” a photo-shoot, no corresponding film as far as I know.

Well I be damned – posted this before.

I love this last one, the look on Steve’s face is so…. “Oh jeez, another cock to suck. Sigh.”

February 18, 2015

Victor Houston, is that you? (re-post)

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I posted this back in 2006, and was never able to get answers to my two questions (or one of you nice gentleman DID tell me, and I’ve forgotten). This is a clip from one of those compilation videos (Latin Loads) that I spend way way too much time trying to figure out the performer’s names, and which movie the clips were originally from. I am fairly sure I sold this one back in 2006, but I just kept trying to figure out the clip. Yes, yes, of course the one guy is Victor Houston (not a lot of balding, Hispanic daddy-types with huge, thick, uncut cocks in the late 70’s porno films; but who’s the other guy, and which film is this from???? So, Houston’s films – Boys in the Sand 2, Cocktails, Head Waiter, Humungous, The Hustlers, Man Hunt, Pier Groups, Strokes, Top Man, and Working Men. I’m pretty sure it’s not from either of the Wakefield Poole films (Boys in the Sand 2, The Hustlers) nor Arch Brown’s Pier Groups (which I’ve watched many times over the years)…. and maybe, just maybe it’s from Working Men, where the description from Gay Erotic Video Index says: “Victor Houston and his apprentice Rob don’t use their tools on the sink for very long before they turn to plumbing each other. Victor’s big uncut dick fills every hole Rob has in a variety of interesting ways.” Kinda looks like they start out on the kitchen, yes, and the way Victor picks up “Rob” from rimming-while-standing-holding-your-partner is always a crowd-pleaser, so yes, maybe this is it. Whatchya think? Now, the next question is: What’s the music playing? (I think that makes 3 questions – title, partner, soundtrack)

update: OK, I just checked the link – so, it’s “Rob” – and, the music?

In the William Higgins tradition…..

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Jon King and Georgio Canali in a scene from Members Only called The Exhibitionists.

February 17, 2015

1973 George Payne

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The man has a nicely toned body, but what is with the hair??! OK OK, so I know the 1970’s hair wasn’t always combed or brushed, but Falcon was using this image in a 1980 brochure, even though I think Payne only did one film for Falcon, 1973’s You Got It All.

Can’t remember where this one comes from, but clearly from much later in the decade when he could afford a brush (and thankfully let the body hair grow out). A bit more George Payne.

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