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Victor Houston, is that you? (re-post)

I posted this back in 2006, and was never able to get answers to my two questions (or one of you nice gentleman DID tell me, and I’ve forgotten). This is a clip from one of those compilation videos (Latin Loads) that I spend way way too much time trying to figure out the performer’s names, and which movie the clips were originally from. I am fairly sure I sold this one back in 2006, but I just kept trying to figure out the clip. Yes, yes, of course the one guy is Victor Houston (not a lot of balding, Hispanic daddy-types with huge, thick, uncut cocks in the late 70’s porno films; but who’s the other guy, and which film is this from???? So, Houston’s films – Boys in the Sand 2, Cocktails, Head Waiter, Humungous, The Hustlers, Man Hunt, Pier Groups, Strokes, Top Man, and Working Men. I’m pretty sure it’s not from either of the Wakefield Poole films (Boys in the Sand 2, The Hustlers) nor Arch Brown’s Pier Groups (which I’ve watched many times over the years)…. and maybe, just maybe it’s from Working Men, where the description from Gay Erotic Video Index says: “Victor Houston and his apprentice Rob don’t use their tools on the sink for very long before they turn to plumbing each other. Victor’s big uncut dick fills every hole Rob has in a variety of interesting ways.” Kinda looks like they start out on the kitchen, yes, and the way Victor picks up “Rob” from rimming-while-standing-holding-your-partner is always a crowd-pleaser, so yes, maybe this is it. Whatchya think? Now, the next question is: What’s the music playing? (I think that makes 3 questions – title, partner, soundtrack)

update: OK, I just checked the link – so, it’s “Rob” – and, the music?

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What song is in the first scene of that XXX compilation with the painters in it that is about how “Everybody loves…”? Yes that is the pr0n guy Victor Houston in that clip.

victor Houston doing the plumbers was my first gay favorite gay porn. I am sure we all have our first porn video.

I somehow contacted a vendor in San Francisco who told me Victor and his sex partner had died of AIDS in the 80’s. So sad. For all of my life, I wanted to fuck either of them. They were both my “how do I fuck” other guys while in my early 20’s.

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