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March 16, 2015

Reel Two

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The Motorcyclist and the Harvard Man

Connecting the main characters (Richard Locke and Fred Halsted) with the next scene, Fred nearly hits bicyclist Keith Anthoni. Keith makes his way further down the road until he finds Ken Brown sitting in his stalled car. Keith offers to help and the two start fantasizing about having sex with each other (and if you pay close attention, some others). The version most of you have seen is a bit choppy, including most if not all of the DVD versions – it’s missing about 2-1/2 minutes of footage) ( I have yet to confirm if the most recent collection that has the “Trilogy” all in one package, has this unedited scene). Basically they had to edit out the piss – which is rough since the repeated mantra from Keith Anthoni is “might as well take a piss while I’m here” (and by the way strongly suspect that’s not Keith’s voice in the scene – but I digress) – at least after the ladies who ran TMX (topman Video-X) ran afoul of the law when the version they distributed contained the full, unedited theatrical version. So, anyway… while not the best quality, clicking one of the pics below will get you the full scene.

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