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Hung Studs (indeed – no exclamation point edition)

The pics are from a magazine called “Hung Studs”, and it’s always fun to try to identify the guys, and the films, the stills come from. And while I can see that’s Ray Connors in the 2nd pic, I’m puzzled over the film – you might think Pop My Fly, but the color of the socks are different, among other things. Perhaps it was just a photo shoot?

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Does it bother you at all that most of these guys are dead, mostly from HIV/AIDS? I love this stuff, I “grew up” with it and came to realize my own awesome sexual orientation to a large part because of it, but I am still always saddened by that fact. We need to remember those that paved the way, but, at least for me, it is a nagging and sometimes painful memory.

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