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September 29, 2015

Buddy & Josh

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From the magazine Mustang I, from the Cosco film Mineshaft

September 23, 2015

Screen Play

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Director: Steve Scott (1984) 80 minutes running time

Starring: Lee Ryder, Jon King, Eric Ryan, Michael Carr, Robert Vega, Brian Palmer, Champ Larue, Mike Braun, Danny Combs

Lee Ryder, who plays a drifter, stumbles upon a western being made in the California desert, and begins an affair with the star of the film, Eric Ryan. And at some point, has sex with Ryan’s personal assistant, Jon King – shown here.

a clip on red tube

and a nice 4-minute trailer over on Manhunt

September 22, 2015

Ron Rod Mitchell + friend

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September 21, 2015

Hew-sten or HOW-ston?

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(Only the hottest men and beautiful here , and plenty of sex and bitching : p)

also in COLT SPURS 15 (1988)

September 20, 2015

Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?

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Clay Russell

more Clay Russell

September 19, 2015

all mann

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Karl Mann

Smutjunkies is missing his cover of Mandate, 9/1979

a little more over here

September 17, 2015

… and company

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September 16, 2015


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from a magazine called “Man-Sized”

September 14, 2015

David Gold (Colt)

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David Gold

No Colt films, just 2 from Palm Drive Video

September 12, 2015


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(video link in here somewhere)

“I think it’s a great sequence, with cute lil’ Bob Shane as the clerk who won’t let over-the-hill John Steele into the club. Rejected and dejected, Steele slowly leaves, but is joined by another rejectee, Bud Wallace (too preppy)….” – alas, no clip for this great scene!

September 5, 2015


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September 4, 2015


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