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January 27, 2017

cowboy Squires

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January 26, 2017

Mud Run

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Sold this Bobby Garcia video Mud Run (2000), back in 2006 – from the description: “Twice a year at Camp Pendleton, a Southern California Marine Base, several THOUSAND Marines participate in a 10K obstacle race called the MUD RUN. This year, Bobby went to see what it was all about, he VIDEOTAPED it – – – and guess what?????!!!! Out of the thousands of choices of hot, muscular, athletic, military guys, Bobby nailed a few for private studio “video shootings.” There was even one guy that was soooo “ready to rumble” that did a “solo” for Bobby right there in the bushes on base. HERE IT IS. We’ve put it all together for you – the race AND the private scenes. M*U*D R*U*N is two hours of mud, sweat and sex. It is handsome, strapping, military athletes getting down-and-dirty in the mud and then doing private —- sessions for Bobby to audition to be in “porn films” and meet girls. These guys can be talked into ANYTHNG. This is a different kind of “Bobby tape.” We’ve never offered a tape like it. Get ready for heart pounding, non-stop, FOR REAL MARINE ACTION.”

January 25, 2017

easy, right?

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name both, and which film, please

January 13, 2017

three way stache

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to guess who this is, you probably have to look beyond his ‘stache, and probably even past the other two men’s bodies, and look at the background for a hint

January 12, 2017


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director: Steve Scott (1979)

Starring: Adam Mitchell, Brian Woods, Tex Morgan, Mike Daniels, Dan Parker, Steve Lessing, John Parker,Rich Cummings, and Nick Rodgers; and introducing Scott Taylor

January 9, 2017

J. D. Slater’s ASYLUM

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LIVE VIDEO, INC. presents a Mad Dog On Fire Production :

Director: J. D. Slater (1995) 70 minutes running time

I stumbled upon the pic of the video cassette above while looking for something else, then got sidetracked as I couldn’t remember anything about it except that I sold it back in 2006. Now, researching online, I see nothing at all about it! No listing on Gay Erotic Video Index for J. D. Slater as a director, as a model; and the only other model listed, Dixon Duffy, shows work from around that time, but not that title. I don’t remember it begin any great work, but with no info out there, it makes me sorry I sold the darn thing! If you look at the GEVI listing, there’s a gap between the 1994 S.M.U.T. that he did for Live Video, and the 1998 Barebacked Leather DogsAsylum produced in 1995 – could Asylum actually be Barebacked Leather Dogs? check out the clip above and compare it to the description – what do you think? The only other clue I have is that Frank Ross produced it.

– and this is all I got from my listing page file I saved from the auction – the cast – Dixon Duffy, Matt Converse, Richard Derreck, James Silver, Steve Carver, Kenny Brower Greg Hoff, Sam Hauer, Gene Gordon; and this vague description: roaming camera in a bar / play room orgy leather, slings, hankies, vacuum pumps, dildos, harnesses, gloves. Oh, and of course the clip above that I took just to get screen caps and cast listing.

January 7, 2017


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scene 2: Steve Collins flies in to NY, crawls into bed with Casey Donovan and his trick, stud Steve Anthony. When the two awake, a slow first minute or two of introductions, kissing, groping, leads to a hot all out 3-way, as Steve Anthony is thoroughly appreciated by these two porno pros, Steve Collins and Casey Donovan.


director: Steve Scott (1984)

(previously, in bjland)

(previously, STEVE ANTHONY, in bjland)

how is it that Steve Anthony is only in 3 films?

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