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May 9, 2017

ohhhhhhh Mr. Grant!

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What’s wrong with this/these pictures(s)?


  1. Well for starters, they all spell Mr. Grant’s first name wrong – Gordon should have two O’s. Beyond that, they also imply that they feature images from different scenes, but based on the cover images they don’t. I see neither a men’s room nor a motorbike on any of these covers… in fact I don’t even see any furniture. They couldn’t have even thrown a mattress on the floor?

    Digging around on gevi it seems that these images aren’t even from Hot Truckin’ but rather from a Brentwood loop called Lifeguard. So hopefully somebody got fired for this false advertising ;)


    bj Reply:

    yup, spelling wrong – and covers don’t match the film titles. But no, no one has EVER gotten fired, or even reprimanded for putting images on a porno film box that had nothing to do with the actual film – even today Bijou Video, who I love for having lots of old title, put images on boxes that don’t match contents or even actor/models in the movies/

    exhibit a


    zephyr Reply:

    I see your point, yeah the guy who did those covers probably got a bonus for conning people like that.

    How have your ebay auctions been going? I hope you’ve been able to reduce your physical porn footprint and maybe make some money off of it too.


    Comment by zephyr — May 9, 2017 @ 12:35 PM

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