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June 30, 2017

my balls, your butt

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Al Parker and partner Steve Taylor

clothes off my back (eBay edition) – “I used to be small”

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I purchased this shirt at Brush Creek Media’s BEAR STORE in San Francisco sometime in the 1990’s (from the on sale “AS IS” bin). The bearclerk wasn’t terribly friendly (maybe because I was only looking in the on sale as-is bin?), but I found something that suited me. A simple logo – Bear – Built Tough – discolored/faded, but 5 bucks! But alas, I’m moving, and haven’t be able to squeeze into a “small” in years (decades)…. so…this and a handful of other t-shirts aren’t coming with me – check it (them) out!

eBay auction – BEAR BUILT TOUGH t-shirt

June 29, 2017

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Männer aktuell 1992

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eBay auction – MANNER AKTUELL June 1992 TOM OF FINLAND, Lex Baldwin

June 28, 2017

even VHS! – (Bruno edition)

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eBay auction – VHS vintage Bullet Videopac 9 – precondom BRUNO, Josh Kincaid, KYLE HAZARD


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eBay auction – CENTURIAN Cosco Studio BARRY HOFFMAN 1978

June 27, 2017


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Nice little digest-sized publication from 1977 – here’s the Bay auction – LUSTY No 1 – 1977 PAUL BARESSI – PAEAN

June 26, 2017

eBay and me

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Some of you folks may have been wondering – “why all the linking to eBay and eBay auctions”? – well, even if you haven’t been wondering, here goes:

I’m in the midst of trying to sell off a whole bunch of my porn collection, in the hopes of stashing away some money to pay for my move up to be with my honey (AKA the husbear; AKA the actual husband) as we’ve been doing the two-city thing for nearly 7 years now, and it’s a bit much. I’ll continue to highlight some of the more interesting stuff I am selling, but time really prevents me from posting everything up for grabs over there on eBay – so maybe check out the link below the lovely pic from Joe Gage’s HANDsome (1981), and bookmarking it and visit every few days, as this summer is the time to get these bargains – thansk!

Roy Garrett and Ron Clayton (HANDsome)

auctions on eBay

(my apologies to readers/lurkers who are outside the U.S. or don’t have an eBay account – most of my stuff is in the adult section, and all of it is only for sale to be shipped in the U.S.)

June 24, 2017

J W King?

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Scanning HONCHO magazines for sale, and this unidentified one, from Honcho January 1983, a Cosco Studios photograph accompanying a John Preston piece called “Mineshaft” – I think it’s King – anyone else?

June 23, 2017

Mandate May 1982 – Squires, Canali

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eBay auction – MANDATE May 1982 MICKEY SQUIRES, Giorgio Canali

June 22, 2017

New York is a Summer Sextival

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eBay auction – BEST OF GAY TIMES Vol 1, No 1 – 1976

Peter Rabbit, Julius, The Godmother….


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eBay auction – DESERT FOX – 1978 – AWESOME MIKE MORRIS !!

June 20, 2017

Jaguar Films

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eBay auction – GAY-FILM-REVIEW-3-1970s-JAGUAR-FILMS

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