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July 14, 2017

Hello? I can’t find my pants

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  1. Why am I picturing Ernestine on the other end of that phone? “Just a moment sir … one ringy-dingy … two ringy-dingies … (snort)”

    There’s a pic I saw on a tumblr recently that’s driving me crazy trying to remember it, I have a feeling this will be one you recognize from a film, or possibly just a magazine shoot. But it seems like one I’ve seen on film before, I’m just drawing a blank where, when or who the guys are. Can you name that dick? :D Thanks either way.


    bj Reply:

    could be a guy named Lee Ryder (that was his name in Al Parker’s Head Trips – playing the father). – the picture doesn’t do him justice


    zephyr Reply:

    I never knew there was another guy using Lee Ryder’s name in porn, interesting. I suppose that could be him standing there in my pic but I don’t think it’s from Head Trips, that Lee/Ryder guy starts out wearing a dress shirt, and the guy in the tumblr pic is wearing flannel. Besides the younger guy isn’t the same and doesn’t wear a jock during their scene. I thought it could be from a Nova film, since if you examine the stuff on the bed you can see one of their film reels laying there (also some Tom of Finland drawings). I don’t think it’s Chad Douglas either but like I said, I can’t figure out where I’ve seen this before. Ah well, thanks for your help.


    Comment by zephyr — July 14, 2017 @ 6:35 PM

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