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August 11, 2017

a boy dressed in leather who discovers a sunbather

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YES, with Voldemar and Billy Hitchcock

What the Los Angeles critics say; “Yes” is a vignette of magical beauty. Mr. Rocco has discovered among the many models of Hollywood, a blonde talent named Voldemar – who has eyes which speak as eloquently as Rocco’s camera. Together, in “YES:, they weave a spell in a story of encounter. This time it is a boy dressed in leather who discovers a sunbather (Voldemar). In wordless basic communication, the two perform the ultimate in drama – the telling of a story through movement. The scenes of the Leather boy caressing the blonde’s body are exquisite under Mr. Rocco’s direction. And when the Leather Boy puts his head next to Voldemar’s chest …. the only breathing in the theatre is that of the two actors…”

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