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January 30, 2018


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January 27, 2018

Scott Taylor

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January 21, 2018


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January 18, 2018

two good men

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Lee Ryder + Peter Barrie

January 11, 2018

FOX shirts

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January 10, 2018

Melchor + Nick Rogers

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The magazine these shots come from is called Jock Fuck; I was hoping to identify the movie this might be from, but their only movie together was Steve Scott‘s 1981 film, Performance. My recollection is that their scene was in a hottub , and this doesn’t appear to be from that film (I could be wrong). In fact my notes on the eBay sale of video some years back are: “Balding daddy Nick Rodgers is in the middle of shooting a porno with Latin hottie Melchor when he gets his call to perform. He accepts the offer and returns to Melchor for lots of hot mutual oral before Nick tops the young smooth Latino.” Perhaps it was just one heck of a hot photo shoot.

More on Performance – here

January 8, 2018


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January 5, 2018

John Trent and

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John Trent – shown here with Mike Davis (of course) – has he only done one film (Al Parker’s Turned On! – in that group/not group scene (wasn’t he the “lumberjack”?)? Am I missing an obvious other “stage name” like from COLT?

January 4, 2018

Ryder Knight

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AKA Bo Richards (who you may remember from such films as The Main Attraction, Mr. Fixit, The Spirit Is Willing, and Lonesome Cowboy

January 2, 2018

usa usa! (stache edition)

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January 1, 2018

Happy New Year – (2018 more socks edition)

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from Locker Room 3, – Pete, Steve, and Thor

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