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February 22, 2018

more Max (Montoya)

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who you may remember from such films as Modern Men, Modern Toys; Outpost; Dock 9; Private Pool Party; Max Makes It Big!; Rod’s Raiders; S.F. Packing Co.; Black Magic, White Heat; Stud Search; Uncut Fever 1 & 2 and of course, one of my all time favorites, Gayracula. Some have questioned if the actor/model “Max Cooper” in the film is actually Max Montoya – see below in the video clip (sorry, he’s only in the first few seconds, laying down) and a pic from a magazine called Night Lust. That would make Gayracula his first porn appearance, in 1983.

fuller videography here: Max Montoya


  1. Thanks for these! Max was always one of my favorites, sort of a South American version of Richard Locke–happy generous Everyman persona, but with a huge gorgeous uncut cock that he clearly liked to share. Loved him in all those Adam & Company videos. Their “Private Pool Party” is one of my all-time favorite fuck flicks.

    Seems hard to find many pix of him. I’ve always wondered why he’s not better known today, or better represented on all those Tumblr sites.


    bj Reply:

    I know – I had this post in “draft form” for moths trying to find pictures!


    krakenbaba Reply:

    And when I tried searching again this week, mostly it was your posted pix of him that showed up. Don’t ever doubt that you are doing god’s work here.


    Comment by krakenbaba — February 27, 2018 @ 1:25 PM

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