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April 12, 2018


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  1. Aside from 1981’s “A Night at Halsted’s”, and 1982’s “Nighthawk in Leather”; J.W. King, also did another leather themed movie in 1983, called, “Tightropes at the Officer’s Club”. This film in turn, spawned two picture magazines: “Tightrope I” and “Tightrope II”.

    His partner in this endeavor is a performer named Ryder. He also went by the name, Lee Ryder – No, not THAT Lee Ryder. THIS “Lee Ryder”, played the father in “Head Trips”. GEVI has two profiles for him.

    Curious, I’ve seen a still from this magazine on Tumblr, where Ryder seems to be fucking King, though I’m sure it’s just a simulation. We both know that J.W. King never bottomed on film. “Gold Rush Boys” and “Tightropes at the Officer’s Club”, are the only times, that King sported a full beard.


    bj Reply:

    Have to come back to this, (and your other posts) but my next “theme” was going to be Leather In Vintage Pornos – thanks for the start!


    Comment by Obsessed — August 4, 2018 @ 9:15 PM

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