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July 7, 2018

leatherworld – kneel

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  1. I think this isn’t his kind of scene. His charisma doesn’t seem to extend to Leather Top. Or maybe he just needed a director. But his acting was so often campy and posturing (often in a charming way) that I just wonder if he was ever much into these kinds of scenes.

    Love to hear other perceptions, including that think I’m wrong.


    bj Reply:

    I think you got it right – and I can’t recall ANY actual filmed scene like this – Jack is one of my all time favorites, and is fantastic at “vanilla sex” – most notably whacking himself off; but this is just costume-wearing.


    Comment by parisian — July 7, 2018 @ 8:46 PM

  2. Agree -he looks like a little kid dressed up for Halloween. And we don’t even get to see his dick!


    bj Reply:

    ohhhhh – how about these??


    parisian Reply:

    He looks prettier, even though I see it’s the same shoot (I thought he looked leaner-muscled than I’d ever remembered him–so thought maybe this was really early, and it still could be.) It’s still like what you said about the ‘vanilla sex’, and that’s because he’s got a kind of ‘lighthearted personality’ more than almost any pornstar I can think of (more than Parker)–the ‘whacking off’ is good, but what I remember mostly along the ‘sweeter stuff’ lines is those voluptuous and really passionate 69s with Roger, they were so well-matched, I thought; they weren’t just making porno, they were really having sex–and it was lush. You may remember from the autobio that he had really ‘liked Roger’. I thought that was macho and touching, and there was some indication that Roger had somehow disappeared, there was something mysterious to it…but I only read it once and god knows that’s forever ago.

    But these photos now do work because I can now see what they did, and I haven’t seen it before, but you may have: They’ve got the ‘M’ to be a non-pornstar, this guy who is literally exactly like the ones that used to lie in the bathtubs at the Mineshaft (and surely other places) and get pissed on. I was no fan of the Mineshaft, but living so close to it, and it being so fashionable, I did go 3 or 4 times with a friend who was literally addicted to it; I just thought it was filthy and totally ugly.

    I gather from what you’ve written about your time in NYC that you got here either just after the Mineshaft closed, or just before it closed. I wonder if you ever went there and saw this spectacle, because if you did, you would have definitely seen this kind of very almost-emaciated type in the bathtubs.

    So point being is, now with these new photos, Jack really doesn’t have to even put on much attitude, even though it’s still not something he’s able to take seriously (which makes me like him all the more, I’m like him that way: I had a lover when I was just 18 who wanted me to tie him up. But I always thought it was too much trouble, and we just ended up sucking and fucking as usual, and forgetting the rope–and I wasn’t about to let anybody tie me up and never have.)

    This guy does give it authenticity all of a sudden when you can see what type he is. Mainly, it’s kind of amazing (to me, anyway) that one of the biggest pornstars is doing a scene with a *REAL “M”*, and I don’t recall ever seeing this before. In the first photo, Jack needed to have ‘the attitude’, because you couldn’t tell much about the bottom. All the combinations you’ve put here are two very hot guys, like the one below where I swooned over that hot ass. And that’s all I’ve ever seen with anybody, but this must have happened in the 70s just more than I know. Although you did say you never say any actual filmed sex like this, and that did happen a lot in the 70s, with mags with photos that were never seen in the 8mm’s and then the VHS’s.


    Stuart Reply:

    Thank you! He still looks silly, but as always the dick is beautiful.

    Establishing a chronology for Mr. Wrangler’s films seems to be pretty impossible – what was made in which year, and then how many have been lost, seems to be a real sea of unknowns. We can try to guess by watching his sideburns go up and down, but that’s confusing too. And the photo shoots seem to be without end. So different from Al Parker – we know what films were made and when – much better documentation.

    Good subject for a dissertation.


    Comment by Stuart — July 8, 2018 @ 1:02 PM

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