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February 28, 2019

San Francisco Orgy!

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“shot entirely at ‘ANIMALS’ – SF’s infamous bathhouse!”

who’s the hairy guy?? – can’t figure it out from the GEVI listing for SFO (1983)

February 27, 2019

The Bigger They Are (jocks)

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from the magazine Jocks No. 2. published 1978 by Jocks Athletic Company. (and also the Jocks film The Bigger They Are – a Falcon division) – Rod Mitchell + Judd Preston

February 25, 2019

J. D. Slater

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Apparently I have not posted him as much as I thought – or perhaps some were in the pre-wordpress days when the search function down over there won’t help….. his first film was Joe Gage’s HANDsome; and I believe Hard (1986) with Lee Ryder was his first foray into directing; not sure when he started doing soundtracks, but here’s a cool interview with him about that part of his career. These pics, from probably 1985, are fuzzier than I remember (eBay snags); but still, love this look – who doesn’t love a hot bearded balding man!!??

You may remember him from such films as: Handsome, New York Men, Outrage, What the Big Boys Eat, Chip Off The Old Block, 2 X 10; One, Two, Three; Bring Your Own Man; In Heat, Ranch Hand, Dynastud, Nightcrawler, International Skin; a bunch with Christopher Rage: Rough Idea, Tramps, My Masters, Worship (Live) two with Palm Drive Video – Mud & Oil, Mud! Apocalypse Again! (wonder if any Slater will be in the Raw! Uncut! Video! documentary) – and gosh knows how many more – feel free to post your faves, or any I’ve left out, in the comments.

more “j d slater” on BJLAND

more “slater” (with a Craig possibly thrown in) on BJLAND

performer J. D. Slater on Gay Erotic Video Index

director J. D. Slater on Gay Erotic Video Index – although I suspect some are really editing, as they are compilations

edit: there’s more! check out this piece from BijouBlog – Retrostuds of the Past: J.D. Slater

February 23, 2019

Parker’s dog

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he appeared in several of Al’s films (most notably A Night Alone With Al Parker) – but don’t know the dog’s name! anyone?

more Al Parker

February 22, 2019


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surf? or diving?

February 21, 2019

look into the camera (Men on Campus version)

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Director: Jason Sato (1978/1986) 60/85/120 minutes running time

Starring: J. W. King, Duff Paxton, R. J. Reynolds, Jim Bataglia, Shaun Victors, Mike Mann, Kurt Williams, Tim O’Brien, Eric Clement

Seems to have been originally made in 1978, then re-edited, and then HIS late 60-minute chopped version – looks to me like film and video, but I read somewhere (maybe an email, wink) it’s the very first gay movie to be shot on video

Big Men on Campus: The Fraternity

February 19, 2019

misc. Mike Davis

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BJ’s Gay Porno Pages – Mike Davis could use some work!

more Mike Davis at bj’s gay porno-crazed ramblings

February 17, 2019

Jim Cassidy

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Jim Cassidy, (guy in striped shirt) who you may remember from such early 1970’s films as Desires of the Devil, California Supermen, The Specimen, Lodestar, Waterbed and The Light from the Second Story Window – can’t recall where these pics came from, and have no idea who is gobbling up Jim’s cock.

February 16, 2019

Dick Trask

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Dick Trask (AKA B. Dick, Kent Banning) who you may remember from such films as: Erotic Hands, The Specimen, Sextool, and Where Joey Lives; many of his films were shorts for COLT Studios : Waterways, Pool Service, The Swingers, The Posing Strap, Sweathogs, Oasis, Look What I Got.

February 13, 2019

balls and chains

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I know nothing about this photo, except it’s lovely

February 10, 2019

aka Buck Stevens

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from a magazine called “PIT STOP”

February 8, 2019

Karatekock Warrior

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Karatekock Warrior (1988)

I’ve been holding on to this VHS tape for nearly 13 years – bought it like many others, with the idea for re-sale, but something told me to hang on to it. Mostly because I could find NOTHING – N-O-T-H-I-N-G – online about it, and every few years would do some more online research to find not much has changed – until a few months back I stumbled on this from Jack Fritscher“Looking through my viewfinder, I saw what Erich von Stroheim saw in Norma Desmond descending the staircase in Sunset Boulevard: the proto-plasm of a living ghost. He was a sweet man, but his sex appeal had died. His videos for both Old Reliable and Palm Drive sold, literally, zero copies.” – oh shit! and it didn’t even hit me how rough this assessment was, I was sooooooo excited to have the 1 of zero copies out there!

I had previously sold “Sex My Father Taught Me” and “Dave Gold’s Gym Workout” – both also from Palm Drive Video….. and, then last month I started wondering what the biggee is with Instagram (I still don’t know) and checked it out, and found that a documentary on porn studio Palm Drive Video is in the works!!!! – more details at the link, including a donation page (even a few bucks helps – I just donated!) and I hope to do a proper post about that soon, and now, writing this, I am going down the rabbit hole trying to figure out how many of those Palm Drive Video have I actually seen – is Tom Caserta of palm Drive the same who did a couple for Surge Studios? Did I sell 9-Inch Pec Stud for my friend Larry, back when I had no room on my hard drive to save eBay html and video files? So many questions, so little time.

more later.

Meanwhile, head over to RAW! UNCUT! VIDEO!o – check out the trailer, donate a few bucks, and I promise to dig out that much better box cover art they sent me for Jason Steele’s “Sex My Father Taught Me” (AKA Uncut Tit Animal).

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