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March 7, 2019

Brad Dillon

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Brad Dillon – AKA Steve Packard, Dusty – only two films?? looks like Cycle Jack (found in the Fox Studio collection Bore ‘n Stroke ) and Working Off (found in two NOVA Films collections, Fistfull and The Jock) – both are “solo” efforts.

A little more prolific in magazines: Male #1, Dusty 4-5 and Strap #3 – all solos – but then look at this pic of Mr. Packard I had somewhere on my hard drive – with another guy!! who? where? where can we find more?

edit: just after hitting “publish” I noticed the text on this page – apparently he’s done work for COLT, and I’ll bet the pic above is from that/those session(s) – whatyathink? I have some photos on the hard drive labeled “Steve Packard” – but a different, bearded guy – appear to be COLT or Target…. so…


  1. He’s an early fave of mine from the early 80’s with his bad frat boy looks but I froze my right-clicking when I came to the duo pic with the bearded guy. Whoa! What a hottie with his hairy face and very nice equipment below. More info on him please! The mag is on the retrostuds website (as I’m sure you know by now).


    bj Reply:

    Alas – yes, I saw the Retrostuds page, and cross-referenced all my eBay “STRAPS” downloads, but can’t find ANYTHING on the duo!! but we’ll figure it out!


    Comment by Richard — March 9, 2019 @ 12:55 PM

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