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September 20, 2017

Richard Locke

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Because there are never enough pictures of Richard Locke

April 17, 2013

Richard Locke, white chair

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June 3, 2012

Richard Locke

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very cool item on eBay: Vintage Original photo RICHARD LOCKE SIGNED gay icon – by Charles Moniz – It was signed by Locke when he did an appearance at CHARLES’ shop in West Hollywood for a fundraiser for AID FOR AIDS in the early 90s.

September 18, 2010

searching for richard locke

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kinda fun to search my own site for shit…. full search here, but once you get past page 2, much less likely to actually see anything locke-related

September 17, 2010

richard locke sucks cock(s)

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Cruisin’ The Castro
directed by: Michael R. Newman (1981)
Starring: Dick Fisk, Don Talon, Holtz, Johnny Harden, Mark Majors, Richard Locke, Rick Zane, Tony Natali, Will Seager

This scene, Don Talon, Richard Locke, and Will Seagers. Apparently filmed before L. A. Tool & Die, (but not released until 2 years after) which perturbed Joe Gage who had scheduled Locke & Seagers to be the romantic interest in his 1979 film, and wanted them to meet, and more importantly, have sex for the first time during his shoot. I hadn’t seen this film until I finally acquired the tape about a month ago. I will admit to being a bit disappointed, as I hoped there’d be more footage of actual cruising on the Castro, but this scene, the final scene, is simple but great (great meaning seeing the three cum together at the end is wondrous – beg me to show those last 3 minutes! – here you are seeing the first three)

of course, i imagine this is what life is like for most of my gay brothers out in San Francisco – you just open up your window, poke your muscley body out and stretch, and a couple guys on the street look up and invite themselves up for sex – right guys?

April 11, 2010

Richard Locke + Clay Russell = HEATSTROKE

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Director: Joe Gage (1982)

Starring: Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, Richard Locke, Clay Russell, Clinton Coe, Bud Wallace, John Steele, Richard West and The Gage Men.

love this scene – you MUST watch it with the sound up, otherwise it just won’t work. Richard Locke is at his girlfirend’s house when her EX, Clay Russell (Pete Mattson, U.S.M.C.) drops by. Offers a beer, chats him up, talks him into showing what his ex-girlfriend’s been getting, then a handjob, then….. cliche’? you bet! does it work? fuck yeah! Plus the Man Parrish music, the sound effects, great editing, dialogue, all come together to make this hot. You could even get off without watching, just by listening – I swear!

It’s also great because director Joe Gage and Richard Locke are clearly having fun here, the thought that Richard Locke plays the straight guy who’s “never done this before” (wink wink, cuz we all loved it when Gage & Locke teamed up for the “trilogy” – Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Corp., and L. A. Tool & Die – not to mention Locke & Russell’s previous hot scene in El Paso). And what about the rodeo shots interjected as the men vie for who’s butcher in this scene? both hot and funny!

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can “right click” and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.

May 7, 2018


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April 24, 2018


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July 18, 2017


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I’m sure I’ve posted this pic at least once before. looks like this mandate issue, with the 2-page Mike Morris, 2-page Al Parker, and 2-page Richard Locke pictures, will be on the chopping block (eBay) soon.

July 15, 2017

from the comments – Is that you, Nick Rogers?

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The other day, a commentor noticed that the cover pic on HEATSTROKE‘s small box version (that I am selling on eBay) is a picture that has nothing to do with the film – in fact, it’s Nick Rogers who is definitely not in the movie! Once he pointed it out, it was just soooooo obvious, I felt foolish for never having noticed who it was (although I did know it was not a picture from the movie)! And then it hit me where it comes from – the 1984 video Arcade where Nick plays a security guard at a porno video arcarde, keeping the customers from having sex, until the final scene when they attach Nick, ripping off his clothes and…. well, I am sure you can figure out the rest. Thank You, “MIKE”

eBay auction – CUM BUDDIES 1970’s J.W.KING, Nick Rodgers, SCOTT TAYLOR Duff Paxton

eBay auction – Joe Gage HEATSTROKE precondom 1982 Out of Print – Richard Locke OOP

July 9, 2017

David Warner?

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another puzzle, another magazine in the “on hold” folder that I ought to sell – but who the heck is DAVID WARNER? – and what films? I see Don Talon (shown as Max) and Matt Harper (here, Matt = Victim)…and um, no listing on GEVI (Gay Erotic Video Index) for this director. There is one film, Crusin’ The Castro that shows both Talon and Harper, ( in a 3-way with Richard Locke!!) but not in a scene like this. who the heck is David Warner??!!

Meanwhile, feel free to check out me on eBay

April 9, 2017


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Finally – FINALLY – placed my order for Wakefield Poole’s‘s rarely seen 1977 film Take One. While I am a habitual Amazon shopper, I wanted to buy direct from Gorilla Factory Productions, since they have been so amazing making these old classics available again. I last saw Take One back in 2002, during a Wakefield Poole film festival – I was so excited about the series, I taught myself how to do “tables” in html! Highlights I am really looking forward to: Richard Locke and his lover Alexander Stewart have sex on the roof of their home in the desert; the location scenes at San Francisco‚Äôs Nob Hill – can’t say I had ever been in my handful of visits to SF, but will be so cool to see this footage, right?

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