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May 12, 2016


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August 4, 2013

dick mel

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Dick Trask & ? The file name is dick-mel, and can’t otherwise figure out who’s the guy doing the slurping. In any case, love the cigs!

July 28, 2017

BJ’s auctions end Sunday? Not to be continued until September???

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Yup, it’s true. Moving day is in 3 weeks, 6 days. Leaving NYC! (moving to Provincetown to be with my baby fulltime!!) yikes! so check out the remaining auctions at the link below.

eBay auction – eBay auctions

more on our spokesmodel – Dick Trask

July 14, 2016

it was a very good year

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June 29, 2016

The Specimen

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The Specimen

Director: Sebastian Figg (1974 ) shot on film – 60 minutes running time

Starring: Kent Banning (AKA Dick Trask), Eliot Crawford, William Margole, Demond Farley, & Chronos (AKA Jim Cassidy)

“Quirky sci-fi feature filled with kitschy special effects and ominous “spacey” music. An alien wants to experience sex, and centers on hip scientist Rick, who jets from the lab to a swinging all-male orgy. Sexy strangers suck toes as side-by-side anal thrustings occur. Rick leaves the party to find his car floating above traffic, and magically deposited at his driveway. Falling into troubled sleep, the alien wakens Rick to suck his many nipples and massive meat then stuffs him to a cosmic climax.”

July 30, 2015

God of Cock!

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someone asked for more Big Bill Eld (AKA Bill Young)

Bill Young, who you know from such Hand In Hand Films as: Adam & Yves (1974), Le Musee aka Strictly Forbidden (1974), The Destroying Angel (1976), Sex Magic (1977), and A Night at the Adonis (1978). I’ve always wondered if his appearance in A Night at the Adonis was simply rehashed from an early film, as appearance is one of the films within the films – he’s on the big screen while others are having sex in the theater, but I just can’t recall. More vivid in my mind was his appearance in Peter de Rome’s The Destroying Angel – was he kind of a wooden actor, or just plain creepy in that film?

For Colt he did Posing Strap with Dick Trask, and Hand Spray; some others get credited to Falcon: Hand for a Star (1974), and Tradesman – but I suspect Falcon just bought them after they were produced and threw them on some videos a couple years later, or got in on the distribution end only – just a hunch. A beautifully shot scene I remember from Toby Ross’s Reflections of Youth (1974), apparently was a short called Straight A’s; I remember him in gym shorts and thought he was a gym teacher; but the link describes it more of a student taking a rest from studying.

I know there’s a bunch more – his film career seemed to have spanned 1971 (Waterbed – a 3-way with Jim Cassidy and “Connie”) to 1978’s A Night at the Adonis – all the stuff dated later seems to be earlier films that got released late on videotape…

What’s your favorite Big Bill Eld film?

March 3, 2015


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Dick Trask, right?

November 27, 2014

happy stuffing day

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who knew? That’s Dick Trask down there at the bottom (of the pic)

November 22, 2014

Is that you, Joe(y)?

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So, the other day I am looking something up, and through GEVI I discover, or realize rather, that Dick Trask is in Erotic Hands which I never knew before (I think I have the tape somewhere, but sorta skimmed it), and then I am poking around more stuff, and learn more stuff, so I need to confirm by going to the actual videotape, which I have to find in the assorted boxes stored and stashed around the apartment but my VCR doesn’t seem to work since I got the new HDTV last Christmas or whenever…. it’s actually a bunch of jumbled wires and usually I’m good at this stuff, but now the best I can come up with is watching a VHS tape in black and white, so some thing is wrong, and an hour later I think I got it, and then see another guy in a related movie pops up, unexpectedly, but I no longer have the ability to convert clips to digital, so I take a couple of snaps (the stills you see above) and figure why not add a quick clip, so y’all can tell me if it’s him…. and now, since GEVI has some of the info jumbled, and some not quite right, or sorta out of order, I am compelled to watch the whole movie to figure who’s in it, and who’s doing who, and in what order.

All that just to ask y’all – it’s him, right?

July 2, 2014


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Pics are from a Falcon magazine entitled Abducted, no doubt from the film of the same title. But cast credits for Abducted , only mention “Kenny” and I swear the bearded white guy looks like Dick Trask, and the blond guy looks like Joey Yale. What do ya’ll think?

February 22, 2014

Pool Service

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January 18, 2014

Brian Dexter

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Still don’t know who his friend is – but in case I haven’t mentioned, you can see Mr Dexter in these films: Target Studios’ Yard Birds (AKA Country Capers ) with Tommy Russo, the super hot Boyhood Dreams with sexy real-life couple Michael and Phillip, and of course Cooling It , where he does a solo as Stoner talks to him on the phone (and in the video version, to make the scene longer, Dick Trask’s solo from Waterways is edited in!)

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