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February 25, 2019

J. D. Slater

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Apparently I have not posted him as much as I thought – or perhaps some were in the pre-wordpress days when the search function down over there won’t help….. his first film was Joe Gage’s HANDsome; and I believe Hard (1986) with Lee Ryder was his first foray into directing; not sure when he started doing soundtracks, but here’s a cool interview with him about that part of his career. These pics, from probably 1985, are fuzzier than I remember (eBay snags); but still, love this look – who doesn’t love a hot bearded balding man!!??

You may remember him from such films as: Handsome, New York Men, Outrage, What the Big Boys Eat, Chip Off The Old Block, 2 X 10; One, Two, Three; Bring Your Own Man; In Heat, Ranch Hand, Dynastud, Nightcrawler, International Skin; a bunch with Christopher Rage: Rough Idea, Tramps, My Masters, Worship (Live) two with Palm Drive Video – Mud & Oil, Mud! Apocalypse Again! (wonder if any Slater will be in the Raw! Uncut! Video! documentary) – and gosh knows how many more – feel free to post your faves, or any I’ve left out, in the comments.

more “j d slater” on BJLAND

more “slater” (with a Craig possibly thrown in) on BJLAND

performer J. D. Slater on Gay Erotic Video Index

director J. D. Slater on Gay Erotic Video Index – although I suspect some are really editing, as they are compilations

edit: there’s more! check out this piece from BijouBlog – Retrostuds of the Past: J.D. Slater

September 16, 2017

J. D. Slater + ?

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From HONCHO November 1981 issue, photographer Phil Flasche, but who’s the guy in front of Slater?

January 9, 2017

J. D. Slater’s ASYLUM

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LIVE VIDEO, INC. presents a Mad Dog On Fire Production :

Director: J. D. Slater (1995) 70 minutes running time

I stumbled upon the pic of the video cassette above while looking for something else, then got sidetracked as I couldn’t remember anything about it except that I sold it back in 2006. Now, researching online, I see nothing at all about it! No listing on Gay Erotic Video Index for J. D. Slater as a director, as a model; and the only other model listed, Dixon Duffy, shows work from around that time, but not that title. I don’t remember it begin any great work, but with no info out there, it makes me sorry I sold the darn thing! If you look at the GEVI listing, there’s a gap between the 1994 S.M.U.T. that he did for Live Video, and the 1998 Barebacked Leather DogsAsylum produced in 1995 – could Asylum actually be Barebacked Leather Dogs? check out the clip above and compare it to the description – what do you think? The only other clue I have is that Frank Ross produced it.

– and this is all I got from my listing page file I saved from the auction – the cast – Dixon Duffy, Matt Converse, Richard Derreck, James Silver, Steve Carver, Kenny Brower Greg Hoff, Sam Hauer, Gene Gordon; and this vague description: roaming camera in a bar / play room orgy leather, slings, hankies, vacuum pumps, dildos, harnesses, gloves. Oh, and of course the clip above that I took just to get screen caps and cast listing.

June 28, 2015

J.D. Slater

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J.D. Slater, whose first film was Joe Gage’s HANDsome; I believe Hard (1986) with Lee Ryder was his first foray into directing; not sure when he started doing soundtrack music, most likely late 1990’s(?) – or once he was directing in the mid 1980’s – anyone know?

September 26, 2014

J. D. Slater

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, who was first introduced to the world in Joe Gage’s HANDsome, you may also remember his from such films as NIghtcrawler, What the Big Boys Eat, Breaker Blue, Caribbean Cruising, New York Men, And The Heat Goes On, and Bring Your Own Man, and many others

April 15, 2013


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J. D. Slater

His first film was Joe Gage’s HANDsome (1981), but you may remember him from such films as New York Men, Outrage, What The Big Boys Eat, Chip Off The Old Block, Dynastud, and Wakefield Poole’s One, Two, Three, among many others.

April 17, 2010

j.d. slater

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love this pic of him – pretty sure I nabbed it from an issue of Drummer Magazine (America’s Mag for the Macho Male), mid 80’s, maybe? first on the scene in Joe Gage ‘s 1980 film, HANDsome, I swear he had a scene early in his career with Al Parker. I know it’s contained in the collection, A Night Alone with Al Parker, but what where did the scene originally come from – Wanted, perhaps? i’ll just have to figure that out later.

April 11, 2019


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January 7, 2019


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All day looking at porn, working on posts, but completing nothing, like the one hanging in the “drafts” folder since February – of 2016! Anyway, all that and you get this one pic from Christopher Rage’s 1985 movie, Tramps. J D Slater for sure, but the others? perhaps Denton Crane, Jason Daniels, and Steven Bishop? Those are the notes I have from an unfinished (again with the unfinished projects, posts, eBay sales…!!) eBay sale – wonder if this pic below means I still have the tape?

May 18, 2018


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February 24, 2014

What The Big Boys Eat / Barresi in his tube socks

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director: Jim West (1985)

The set-up for the film is the production of a TV commercial, or series of commercials, about a “hot stud” who does all sorts of butch things while eating his favorite breakfast cereal. After that I’m not too sure how each scene fits in. Like this one takes place at a trucker hotel. Paul Baressi is enjoying a dirty magazine when he hears noise in the next room, and discovers a little peep hole. He then proceeds to whack off while watching J. D. Slater get it on with mustached partner Judd. The sound quality isn’t so good, but other than some music and a few decent grunts and groans, there’s nothing much to listen to – – just enjoy Slater pounding Judd, and Barresi in his tube socks.

and Paul’s ass ain’t so bad, either!

January 27, 2014


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Falcon’s 1992 movie, Overload, Al Parker’s last porno film. The description at GEVI isn’t quite right, if memory serves me right. There is says: “Legendary erotic icon Al Parker is eager to put his restored foreskin to use…so he calls buddy Craig Slater over for a session of sucking, pumping, toys and assplay. These studs probe stretch and pound their way into an overload of exhilaration.” (Some commas might be useful in that last sentence, unless “probe stretching” is a sex act I am not yet familiar with). From what I remember, Craig Slater is the one who calls Al, after he finds an escort ad for Al, and asks Al if he can do to him what he did to Casey Donovan in The Other Side of Aspen. If you have the edited version of Aspen or Overload, then you’ll miss the fisting scene.

Al’s actual last appearance in a movie is also from 1992, but he’s just in the music video tagged on to the end of Fast Idle.

For some other pics of Al, check out the Al Parker Album

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