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February 25, 2015

adults only

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…and some ramblings from 2002….. Clay Russell to Bjork

….I am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions

February 6, 2015

Bjork – Stonemilker

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Björk "Stonemilker" directed by Neil Curtis from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

not an official video release, and not sure I care for the video as a visual for this beautiful beautiful song, but how long did you think I could hold out not posting Bjork-related stuff now that the new album is out? such an amazing opening song to this great new album!

April 30, 2012

You are a light-bearer, a light-bearer Receiving radiance from others

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CrANk iT! dang, i love this remix – her strong vocal really stands up to the noise, don’t cha think?

February 14, 2012

whirl around me

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Cosmogony, live on The Colbert Report

December 10, 2011

may the Bjorce be with you

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who doesn’t love fan remixes?

DarkMatter – Dark Jedi mix

MutualCore – Dark Jedi mix

more cool stuff over at

October 20, 2011

biophilia – manual edition

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Mutual Core


i got the new album in the mail last week, but hadn’t had a chance to really sit down and listen to it on the ol’ stereo, immersed in the cool cool package – (limited edition) – so nice to have actual stuff to read that’s not a teeny tiny CD – and while not 12 inch vinyl size, funny how the Manual Edition of Biophilia is practically the same size and shape of an iPad. Very fun to go to the apps on the iPad, back to the packaging, to see what instruments are being played, then just lying back and just listening, her beautiful voice and odd, intriguing, magical new instruments filling the room – taking it all in. By the way, the above tunes are NOT from the special 2nd disc that came with the special edition, but more recent live recordings from her show October 16th in Reykjavík – she’s got a half dozen more shows there over the next 10 days – tickets still available – oh if only i could…. sigh. Anyhoo, Moon and Cosmogony are still my faves, but coming up a strong 3rd is Mutual Core – can’t wait to see that live!

So, after 4 days of non-stop loud loud loud, annoying the neighbors with Biophilia, I think I have successfully broken in the new album.

September 24, 2011

and kick into the starthole

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björk: moon from Björk

September 8, 2011

kick into the starthole

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Bjorks’ latest single, Moon

August 5, 2011

If joo evah get close to ah schoomun!

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Matthew Herbert Remix 02

August 3, 2011


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Matthew Herbert Remix 01

I was certainly ready to not be impressed, as I’ve found his remixes to be too, um, er, um, noise-focused? so Remix #1 was a pleasant, no make that – AMAZING surprise! She sounds fantastic, and each listen you hear some new subtlety you hadn’t heard before, and he allows her vocals to soar! I wouldn’t have bought it without a first listen on the web, and was blown away. Five easy paypal bucks later, I was blasting the 4 mixes to the great annoyance of the neighbors!

I can just picture her floating in deep dark space singing this gorgeous song! And i really love the 2nd remix, too. But listen to this one before hearing the 2nd; and then there are 2 instrumental mixes – all in all, 4 mixes, which will then really make checking out the fan re-mixes, when they go to town with them.

July 18, 2011


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the single, cosmogony!

July 14, 2011

heaven, heaven’s bodies, whirl around me, make me wonder

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Cosmogony.mp3 (live)

( utube has a MUCH better quality recording ……meanwhile this great new song swirls around my head….)

in the beginning….. i can’t remember if it was our 2nd or 3rd date, but we were out at Herring Cove, late at night alone looking up at the magnificent stars, listening to the waves, the breeze, as we stood close in the cool late September air. Suddenly he pulled out his phone, and of course i thought it was odd, but he held it up to the sky to show some sort of “app” that lets you see the names of the stars, constellations, and what not. I pulled in close to look, but not really for the purpose of seeing the app, but as an excuse to touch, and feel his breath, and share the joy of the beautiful place we were in together…….

heaven, heaven’s bodies, whirl around me, dance eternal

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