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July 11, 2017

Joe Gage – VHS? – yes

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so yeah, you know I am sorting and scanning and culling and mulling and trying to sell all I can let go of, and guess what? I find an old VHS small box El Paso Wrecking Corp. that’s actually the full 90 minutes!!! But of course I have to be sure, and plug it into the VCR – and then go over to the DVD player and plug in the recently re-released 3- disc Joe Gage Trilogy disc of El Paso….. and my old VHS copy, not only complete and the DVD isn’t (missing like 20+ minutes) but the color and quality is still much better! And I wasted so much time just watching it, and going back in my head to the old movie theaters…. but also yelling at the DVD version for skipping important stuff like Halsted throwing the guy through the window, the whole Mike MOrris scene missing, but loving the set up to….anyway…. check out the auction, give the page a couple of hits.

eBay auction – VHS-Joe-Gage-EL-PASO-WRECKING-CORP-1977

And I also have an extra copy of the never-been-released-on-DVD out-of-print, BJ’s-favorite-(porn)movie-of-all-time Heatstroke, and that’s up there on eBay as well

eBay auction – VHS-Joe-Gage-HEATSTROKE-precondom-1982-Out-of-Print-Richard-Locke

July 9, 2017

David Warner?

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another puzzle, another magazine in the “on hold” folder that I ought to sell – but who the heck is DAVID WARNER? – and what films? I see Don Talon (shown as Max) and Matt Harper (here, Matt = Victim)…and um, no listing on GEVI (Gay Erotic Video Index) for this director. There is one film, Crusin’ The Castro that shows both Talon and Harper, ( in a 3-way with Richard Locke!!) but not in a scene like this. who the heck is David Warner??!!

Meanwhile, feel free to check out me on eBay

May 4, 2017

hot flash

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BARchive: Hot Flash “A series of original Warhol “Marilyn Monroes” gave the place a certain tone as did the white nylon panels from Christo’s Running Fence. In one corner, a small salon provided access to one of the City’s finest hairdressers. Antique marble counters, Lalique glass, religious reliquaries, treasures from the recently closed Playland by the beach, a worn circus canvas for Crab Claw Man, all competed for my attention with a steel mesh butcher’s glove and elegant sterling drug paraphernalia. A fish swam in the glass cylinder of a vintage gas pump. Music from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita filled the room.”

April 9, 2017


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Finally – FINALLY – placed my order for Wakefield Poole’s‘s rarely seen 1977 film Take One. While I am a habitual Amazon shopper, I wanted to buy direct from Gorilla Factory Productions, since they have been so amazing making these old classics available again. I last saw Take One back in 2002, during a Wakefield Poole film festival – I was so excited about the series, I taught myself how to do “tables” in html! Highlights I am really looking forward to: Richard Locke and his lover Alexander Stewart have sex on the roof of their home in the desert; the location scenes at San Francisco‚Äôs Nob Hill – can’t say I had ever been in my handful of visits to SF, but will be so cool to see this footage, right?

December 27, 2016

Casey + Eric

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Casey, at work, goes into the director’s office (of the soap opera) to discuss the script, but can’t keep his eyes off Eric Ryan ….. he then imagines a very hot scene between the two of them…

from Steve Scott‘s 1984 film, Non-Stop

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