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May 4, 2017

hot flash

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BARchive: Hot Flash “A series of original Warhol “Marilyn Monroes” gave the place a certain tone as did the white nylon panels from Christo’s Running Fence. In one corner, a small salon provided access to one of the City’s finest hairdressers. Antique marble counters, Lalique glass, religious reliquaries, treasures from the recently closed Playland by the beach, a worn circus canvas for Crab Claw Man, all competed for my attention with a steel mesh butcher’s glove and elegant sterling drug paraphernalia. A fish swam in the glass cylinder of a vintage gas pump. Music from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita filled the room.”

April 9, 2017


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Finally – FINALLY – placed my order for Wakefield Poole’s‘s rarely seen 1977 film Take One. While I am a habitual Amazon shopper, I wanted to buy direct from Gorilla Factory Productions, since they have been so amazing making these old classics available again. I last saw Take One back in 2002, during a Wakefield Poole film festival – I was so excited about the series, I taught myself how to do “tables” in html! Highlights I am really looking forward to: Richard Locke and his lover Alexander Stewart have sex on the roof of their home in the desert; the location scenes at San Francisco‚Äôs Nob Hill – can’t say I had ever been in my handful of visits to SF, but will be so cool to see this footage, right?

December 27, 2016

Casey + Eric

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Casey, at work, goes into the director’s office (of the soap opera) to discuss the script, but can’t keep his eyes off Eric Ryan ….. he then imagines a very hot scene between the two of them…

from Steve Scott‘s 1984 film, Non-Stop

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