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August 21, 2018

Nights In Black Leather (1972)

Director: Ignatio Rutkowski (1972)
Starring: Peter Berlin (AKA Peter Burian), Rick Jedin, Tom Webb, Al Joffrey and Jeff Salem

This is Berlin’s first film – I actually think THAT BOY (1974), which he also produced, directed and wrote, is much better – but this is still a great little film showing bits of San Francisco gay life back in 1972. The party with a handful of drag queens is great, and the best, sexually speaking, is the final scene, where Berlin watches two lovers go at it, and joins in. (see below). I’d love to know the source of the music used in the preview above.

Nights In Black Leather

August 16, 2018

(Psycho Films Presents:) Born to Raise Hell

Director: Roger Earl (1975) 78 minutes running time

Starring: Val Martin – Quave Dalton – Steve Richards – John Detour – Eric Lansing – Tiger John – David Andrews

I’ve seen the release date vary – 1972, 1975, 1977 – – even GEVI’s Born to Raise Hell page says 1972 – which I think is too early, especially if you see all the ads for it GEVI mentions are in 1975 and 1976 (including most of the reviews). Shit, even I have it wrong in a few places on the blog! I do know it was around the same time as Wakefield Poole‘s Moving! (1974) – – anyway – mid 70’s!

August 8, 2018

help! (…. in the name of leather)

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So…… during this August heat wave, who doesn’t think “LEATHER!!”?? Need y’alls help here – trying to come up with a list of vintage (1985ish and before) leather-themed gay pornos – and to get us started, thought I post this promo clip from a classic from 1982 – post the names of films in the comments, if y’all don’t mind – THANKS!! (in the name of leather)

Director: Mac Larson (aka Joe Gage) (1983)

Starring: Daniel Holt, Gerry Condit, Mickey Squires, O’Bannion, Jason MacBride, Everett MacDonald, Bob Shane, Roy Garrett, Tharon Davis, Jeff Stone and Wayne Stephans.

George Payne.

February 22, 2018

more Max (Montoya)

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who you may remember from such films as Modern Men, Modern Toys; Outpost; Dock 9; Private Pool Party; Max Makes It Big!; Rod’s Raiders; S.F. Packing Co.; Black Magic, White Heat; Stud Search; Uncut Fever 1 & 2 and of course, one of my all time favorites, Gayracula. Some have questioned if the actor/model “Max Cooper” in the film is actually Max Montoya – see below in the video clip (sorry, he’s only in the first few seconds, laying down) and a pic from a magazine called Night Lust. That would make Gayracula his first porn appearance, in 1983.

fuller videography here: Max Montoya

December 2, 2017

John Davenport

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Who you may remember from such films as: The Bigger They Come…, Full Grown Full Blown, Bad Boys Club, Hard Men (No Strings Attached – see above pic), and of course, one of my all time favorites (because of the scene he’s in) Big Guns

August 19, 2017


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yup, finally doing it – 34 years in NYC – 2 years of marriage (and 7-year long distance relationship) – time to get my ass up to my husbear. No worries, this internet thing works up there, so I will post just as infrequently once I am settled in!

June 13, 2017

Diary of an M

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Director: Manolo (1975)

Starring: Mike Adams (AKA Kurt Williams) , Ray Jons, Ed Fine, Bob Hines, Steve James, Roy Quinn (as the doctor), Tim Christy

“This is the story of a man plagued by sexual dreams. Tall, hairy and handsome Mike Adams keeps having unnatural, lust-filled dreams that end with his partners disappearing. He desperately confesses to his surprisingly realistic shrink his dilemma, but the old lecherous therapist is more interested in the sex, and so are we!”

The main character, credited as Mike Adams is actually Kurt Williams, (who you remember has the distinctive, and HOT Cobra (python) tattoo on his left bicep) who starred in Kansas City Trucking Co in the Desert Rat 3-way scene with Duff Paxton; co-starred with Clay Russell in Snowballing – grrrrrrrrrr!; and Tom DeSimone’s Where Joey Lives, among other mid 1970’s precondom classics. Also of note is one of the Christy Twins is in a scene (probably Tim, but could be Chris- I dunno, they’re twins!)

yup, selling the VHS tape on eBay – DIARY OF AN M

May 7, 2017

Sailor In The Wild

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About to post a DVD with “classic pre-condom” previews – here’s one for Sailor In The Wild

April 20, 2017

Leather Daddy Clay – from Leather Archives & Museum

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Leather Daddy Clay from Leather Archives & Museum on Vimeo.

ahhhhhhh, Clay Russell (1992)

April 11, 2017

heavy equipment – lucky Chris Adams

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director: Lancer Brooks (AKA Tom DeSimone) (1977)

So you know this is the famous (infamous?) Jack Wrangler Al Parker do it in 3D movie, right? so without the glasses, it can be a bit fuzzy – but check out lucky Chris Adams sandwiched between these two legends!

April 6, 2017

And… God Created Men

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AKA Et … Dieu créa les Hommes (1977)

Starring: Jean-Francois Dumas, Dennis Santos, Yvon Saunders, and Guy Charrier

“An existential but satisfying porn film filmed in Paris. This narrated story has a frustrated man (Yvon Saunders) angry with his lover, who’s just gotten into a car accident, unbeknownst to Yvon. Yvon cruises a theater and joins a man in the bathroom to get his cute butt fucked, as a third guy watches them through a glory hole. Yvon gets cum on the butt and takes the voyeur’s cum all over his face. Next, in a bar, Yvon picks up two “straight” men to teach them the sanctity of the male orifice. In an alley, Yvon rims asshole and takes dick in both mouth and asshole. Later, a sexual phone call arouses Yvon so much he takes to jacking off and shoving the phone receiver all the way up his ass! Yvon also participates in a bathhouse orgy with eight or more men. Lighting is poor half the time in this video and thus the action is hard to enjoy. The surrealistic music and use of dream effects are good, though, and add interest to this unique movie.” – my apologies, I do not remember where I lifted this description from.

(this was sitting in the “drafts” queue too long!!)

April 4, 2017

HANDsome (full movie)

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LOVE Joe Gage’s 1980 film, HANDsome; wish there was a way to pull just the soundtrack – Manny Parrish – excellent job!

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