"vintage" porn stars


in only 2 films from what I can tell:

  • Beach Encounter (1971) (MV-5; MV-58) – with DENNY
  • What the Carpenter Saw (1972) (MV-15) – with Richard Sternberger & The Carpenter (AKA Daniel DiCiccio) – see above clip; below pic

plus these publications:

  • MANPOWER #3 (1971)
  • GALLERY SERIES #2 (1971)
  • GALLERY SERIES #4 (1971)
  • MANPOWER #4 (1972)
  • BEST OF GALLERY #1 (1972)

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"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

room service, please

for a quick clip from Room Service Plus (1984); click a photo above. Wish I had better pics of Chris Burns’ co-star Paul Howell (AKA Chuck Burton) – nice cock!


suck it

Al Parker

suck this

from one of my all-time fave Al Parker directed films, Therapy

Shawn Roberts – the videography looks off – I really doubt he starred in Drive in 1974, Therapy in 1985, and Hot Stuff in 1994 – just a common enough name that more than one guy in porn has it, right?

"vintage" porn stars

soap studs

Franco Gonella (who we loved especially in Too Big for His Britches and Jeff Turk from the Al Parker film, Oversize Load

quality of pics (from eBay auctions of the magazine Soap Studs) not so great but those men!

"vintage" porn stars couch pornoclips

MV-22; MV-228

The Meterman

While making his rounds for the power company, rugged super-daddy Ledermeister encounters spectacular blond Dakota. The results are electrifying

The Meterman (1972)

previously posted, but with external link

"vintage" porn stars

Mr Chopper to you


so, just to be on the safe side, I checked my sources….. and according to truckstop_guy “Colt model Hog Chopper – also posed with Jim Cassidy, Duke Richards – seen in such publications as COLT’s MANPOWER #2 (1970) and – MANPOWER #6 – The Leather File (1973)” (hahaha! NOPE – that was TOM with DUKE)

no films as far as I can tell, and no hard-on pics, never completely naked….. but a gorgeous gorgeous man!

edit: and wrong again ! I started comparing the pics with, and without tats, and nope, the pic (since taken down) with DUKE is with TOM, who also appeared in MANPOWER #6, and appeared in the film Breakdwon, with Ledermeister (which is why I also almost posted an Erron pic with Tom!)