Jack Wrangler pornoclips

Curb Service

AKA The Hustler

Director: unknown (1976?)

“a hustler goes with just anybody” and other pearls of wisdom from JACK WRANGLER. But where’d the funny accent come from, Jack? As corny as the film can be (Chinese dinner reference? oh, Jack!), there is plenty of JACK WRANGLER and his terrific body (cock) throughout the film. Okay, maybe the last 5 minutes is disappointingly short and clearly missing something.

Curb Service

  • after a few minutes of Jack talking to the camera, he gets to his first client for a “massage”
  • gas station head w/attendant he’s long lusted after
  • donut shop pickup doesn’t work out, so let’s try the local park’s bathroom gloryhole
  • (missing scene – GEVI has it listed as Jack being forced into sex – the next scene Jack refers to returning to the same spot, so I’m confidant my version here is missing this – seems to appear in a compilation tape Guess Who’s Cuming?)
  • picks up gas station attendant hitchhiking, and heads to an appointment with another pair for a foursome – that’s Clay Russell in the leather vest, right?
  • after Jack leaves the 4-way… leaving the gas station attendant with the other 2 excusing himself for another appointment… who shows up but Gas Station Guy! Only 4-5 minutes together, including brief shower scene with an apparently edited-out w/s scene (may well have been all of 20 seconds) and a quick mutual whack off finale and – oh, The End.

"vintage" porn stars Brentwood

a pair of Levi’s walks in

“In New York’s village there is a private glory hole club where men go each night to get it on with each other. A 21 year old blond in a tank top and hung, walks into a booth ready for the first guy that comes along. As he looks through the hole he sees another guy with a beautiful ass.” (in the 1976 magazine of the film, the 2 young men are identified as Timmy and Rex – one of whom is Ken Carter who did work for NOVA FILMS as well)

“Later a total stranger in a pair of Levi’s walks in and watches through another hole.” (this is the part with Paul Barresi)

If you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend popping over to my previous post – Hungry Hole – it’s just 9 minutes. Why the cover of the magazine makes me think it’s Paul’s ass that is the “hungry hole” – alas, you don’t get to see much Barresi ass here or many other places – another idea for a post (drafts folder beware) – “the search for Paul Barresi’s ass – of course, that comes after my currently in the drafts folder “Paul Barresi in STROKE magazine – are all the appearance from that one mag with Paul, a cigar, and a skanky blond?” Meanwhile, those of you you can’t be bothered with the search function at the top right of this page (and all pages) can check out another Paul video – Popular Mechanics – Paul in the shower while his “son” Kyle Carrington showering at the same time, but presumably another bathroom.

"vintage" porn stars

Mr. Miller

Did someone say MORE DICK! MORE DICK! ??

Well, I know I heard it, so imagine my surprise when I found pics of Dick Miller ogling pics of his own beefy hairy self??!!

Previously I thought he appeared in only one film, a favorite of mine because of the theme song BAD, BAD BOYS, but then with the assistance of reader and commenter JohnnyLlama (how was I supposed to know DICK Miller was the same guy as RICHARD Miller??! – but I digress) we learned that he not only posed with David Carter, but also appeared in a film or two – David Meets the Woodsman and Three Summer Afternoons.

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“Guys who posed for THE ATHLETIC MODEL GUILD, CHAMPION STUDIOS, BRUCE OF LOS ANGELES, MEL ROBERTS and other photographers still remembered today. And those Gay Porn Actors from NOVA FILMS or FALCON are featured here as well. BROWSE THE LIST OF NAMES or those who were never credited but happily posed anyway.”

I don’t get it! This blog is all of 14 months old, but he’s got over 2000 posts! Including some classic stars, like Clay Russell, who get at least 2 posts full of pics; or if you are in the mood for just loads and loads of seemingly random pix, try one of the “assorted pics” posts; there’s a focus on I’d say 50’s to 70’s – those earlier 2 decades I know little about so it’s fun and surprising to see some of these hot guys naked, and hard even! Ooops! Spoke too soon – he’s even got Beau Beaumont, star of Batdude. In any case, enjoy; but please, please, come back!

hat tip to zephyr!

Jack Deveau pornoclips

Lee Marlin sings

Clip from The Boys from Riverside Drive – (1981) Jack Deveau, director. After 2 lovers quarrel during thier 1st anniversary dinner, a series of silly, but fun vignettes involving getting locked out of the apartment, telegraph boy, ex-lovers, etc’; all, of course, involving sex. Includes a nice intro into the film with Jack Wrangler and Malo. Starring Buddy Preston, David Dion, George Brown, Luke, and Lee Marlin. Here we see the Lee Marlin scene mixed with the, ugh, I don’t know – low attention span – I am not always a fan when sex scenes get interspliced with each other – a “str8” Lee Marlin ties up the EX sex scene would’ve worked just fine. Excuse if I cut off the scene too early!

(thanks for the Lee in “singing telegram suit” to MALE MODELS FROM THE PAST)


did someone say JOCKSTRAP

music in gay porno pornoclips

Fade In

Director: Roger Earl (1984) pre-condom shot on video – 78 minutes running time

Starring: Dwan; Jon King and Gino Del Mar; David Ashfield, Scott Clark, Michael Christopher, , Chris Allen, Shawn Easton,

very hairy Dwan makes a phonesex call, and we are treated to fantasy scenes interspersed with clips of him on the phone whacking off

from my notes when I sold a copy on eBay years back:

  • scene 1: Jon King and Gino Del Mar in a spiderweb sex scene, with some Hitchcock-sounding music playing – Jon King, as a spider, is laced with leather straps to form a web over his body and lies on a web of ropes. Geno DelMar is a fly that must service the spider.
  • scene 2: Michael Christopher solo, in an odd feathery hat, jerks off
  • scene 3: Chris Allen and mustached Scott Clark – Chris Allen has sex with the ‘Grim Reaper’.
  • scene 4: Chris Allen and Dave Ashfield – The dove takes Chris Allen away and the two 69
  • scene 5: Shawn Easton and Dwan – The phone caller and and his ‘phone trick’ suck and fuck.
  • Daniel Holt – casting director; Kenneth Holloway – lighting, use of his Pan Pacific Studios ; Make-Up by, ummmm – Divine!)

I thought the music sounded Hitchcocky – and it seems like at least some of it is Unicorn’s Head by Lalo Schifrin, and likely other stuff from Schifrin, maybe others