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but…. maybe not this pair?

pornstar - videography

Steve Henson

You might be surprised to see a vidography of Steve Henson – he’s “OK” but not my usual type – still isn’t! But when I came across this scan of his butthole, and someone’s (presumably the scanning person) pubic hair on the pic, I couldn’t resist

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Like a Horse – (1984)
  • The Pizza Boy: He Delivers – (1984)
  • Inch by Inch – (1985)
  • The Other Side of Aspen 2 – (1985)
  • Giants – (1987)
  • Men of Size – (1987)
  • View to a Thrill – (1989)

Like A Horse (Huge Video, 1984) – REDDIT REVIEW

Griffin International / Magnum Griffin pornoclips

Brian & Vaughn

Brian & Vaughn (1975)

Filmed in one of San Francisco’s most popular bath houses with models discovered only minutes before shooting, we’ve managed to capture exactly what goes on behind some of the locked doors. In a room supplied with chains, mirrors and S&M artifacts, you will join two of the hottest guys we’ve ever filmed in a “tour de force” of a blow job that goes on for over two hours in its original footage. There was no stopping these guys when

wait wait wait wait WAIT! There’s a 2-hour version??? and we only get 14 minutes????!!?
something’s not right here!
yeah, yeah, yeah, I digress… go on…

There was no stopping these guys when they got started. You’ll feel you’re there, hearing the hot obscenities being shouted, watching as one is strapped into a harness that forces a giant, black dildo up his ass while taking a 13-inch dildo down his throat. These oiled bodies and non-stop action will leave you mesmerized.

some images taken from the magazineThe Night Visitor



"vintage" porn stars

caption this

I must have more of these guys here somewhere, right?

men in suits photographers Richard Locke


by Roy Blakey, October 1979

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