"vintage" porn stars

Roy Garrett & Man Parrish – Hot Rod to Hell LP

embarrassing. Another post languishing in drafts, this at least 2 years old – Roy Garrett & Man Parrish – Hot Rod to Hell LP – link still works!

Roy Garrett videography page – dammit! thought I updated this!

OKAY – 125 drafts down to 110 – getting somewhere…..

eBay auctions

code3stud goes to the Supreme Court

“Sgt. Dare searched eBay for other items offered for sale by Code3stud and discovered there were such items in eBay’s adults-only section. After complying with eBay’s access requirements, Sgt. Dare entered the adults-only section and viewed the listings for the items offered by Code3stud. Some of the listings contained Code3stud’s picture, and Sgt. Dare recognized the man pictured as Roe.”

another old post languishing in the drafts folder – which is actually a re-hash of the original post from 2004 – you’ll have to click through to read about the cop who sold his underwear on eBay, got fired, and his discrimination / wrongful termination suit that went all the way to the Supreme Court! Ah, the days of men selling their undies on eBay (there’s a smattering left of that) – it was like the wild west in the early 2000’s!

I think my 2004 post has some broken links – here’s a news article – ‘Code3Stud’ Loses Supreme Court Decision – that seems to still be up.

90's porn

Michael Brawn

who you may remember from such films as The International Guide to the Fine Art of Fellatio, HEAT IN THE NIGHT (that BIG DICK contest between Dick Masters, Mike Anthony (Brawn), Tom Steele, and poor Cal Jensen was amazing!); also starred in: He-Devils, Laid To Order, The Wild Ones, The Bridegroom’s Cherry, and others.

can’t figure out which film he’d be playing pool in a leather harness – The Wild Ones?

"vintage" porn stars Al Parker

SPURS – premiere issue?

hmmmm, something ain’t right here. The version below, I sold a copy back in 2005, and I have it listed with just cover model Jordon Hunter, and Jimmy Pike; 1978, 36 pages. The one above, doesn’t make sense with Al Parker and Mike on the cover. And then gay erotic archives only notes “Toby” as the model – no other info – that’s completely wrong!

This is what I have in my 2005 sale of this 1978 magazine:

  • cover model JORDON HUNTER – while apparently never appearing in any films, RIP COLT chose him to grace the cover of his new photo-magazine, SPURS (and seeing him in nothing but boots, like below, tells you why!!!).
  • 36 pages; 10 in full color (including front and back covers) – the rest in BLACK & WHITE – all oh high quality paper that COLT is known and respected for; measuring approx 7-1/2 X 9-1/2, it’s size is larger than the earlier, and extremely successful COLT series GALLERY, from the earlier part of the 70’s
  • JIMMY PIKE (who appeared, solo, in such films as: Skin Torpedoes, Pike’s Peek, Advocate Men Live!’s Poetry In Motion, and others) graces the second half of the magazine; powerful legs showing what thick boot socks were meant for!

Somewhere on line I found this Mike/Al cover version, and it was dated 1977 – same year as COLT MEN 3…. hmmmm. Both Colt Men 3 and this top version of Spurs feature Al & Mike in pictures from the film Timbervolves. Wonder what the story is. Perhaps a mock-up for the new series? Oh, and inside COLT MEN 3 is an ad to send away for the COLT FOLIO (a glossy brochure) featuring a pic of Al and Mike, and 2 pics of Jordan Hunter!

and the ad from COLT MEN 3, below

print porn models

Vector April 1973

cleaning up my “drafts” folder – 125 draft posts! published a couple, deleted a couple, and see that sometimes, you wait so long, an article disappears from the internet – like this one – Vector Magazine – San Francisco in the 1960s & 1970s – alas

Jack Deveau pornoclips

and there it was – huge, erect, and pointing north – with a sweat sock on it

“like a beautifully wrapped package on Christmas morning”

I was going to post the entire film, but there’s something about this clip – warning, it’s got a lady in it – and it’s her monologue that I just love – it’s just so……70’s? I did post it 10+ years ago, but it’s worth another look, I think
(apologies for the quality, I really should re-record this)

Wanted: Billy The Kid

90's porn

Tom Howard (AKA Flex Gordon)

finger holding cock down????
it works!
you just want to get your face in there when it sproings back up!

link to “Muscle Force” clip from 1991