"vintage" porn stars


someone used the term the other day, and 2 minutes later I stumbled upon this pic of Bryan Harris from the film Room Service Plus. Normally I don’t care for photos with an insert of a smaller photo, but jeez someone got it right here!

I thought of adding more, but let’s leave these two here, and someone can remind me later to find more Brian + Tico pics later.

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Boilerman’s Tool pt 1 Director John Gamble (1976) Big Luke, Rip Roren, and Bruce –

Funny, I was super sure I had posted at least a pic or two of Big Luke, but alas, one mention is all I could find with a simple search. Anyway, that top photos is probably my fave of his… and while he is quite handsome, I must admit that the images that use the construction helmet to shadow his face are sexier – just the mystery, and you can then only focus on the body, the cock… you know. And luckily he was in at least one film, so here you go!

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Ron and… and… and???

for weeks I have been seeing this handsome pair all over interspaceweb, and of course Ron Cameron (who I must’ve mentioned here before – perhaps once or twice) I figured out right away – – but the other guy – the other guy – who the f is he? Don’t think he’s been in any porno films, but photographer Michael Hoare paired these two hotties, and the pics of this duo appear in IN TOUCH 49, ZIPPER #18, HONCHO February 1980, and gosh knows where else. I give up, maybe one of y’all know who this guy is!

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lucky 13

I’m being followed by a dick shadow, dick shadow….



down the rabbit hole….. “S.F.O.” – San Francisco Orgy! (1983)

I gotta say, while the quality of the film ain’t that great, I must say having Eumir Deodato’s Shazam and Bachmania playing, but with plenty of groans and slaps – and the creaky bunkbed!! – mixed in – it’s great! – go ahead, hit play but minimize the browser and just listen!

This all started when I was trying to figure out who Frank Reed is, saw he was in this film, only in the group scene finale, and wooooah! The closing titles have pics matching faces and names! But cross referencing with GEVI, I got confused.

Adam Gray, check. Cliff Ford – well, not the black guy ID’d on GEVI, but the pic shows someone definitely in the scene, tagged with that name. T.J. (Thomas) – nope. Kevin Scott – yes! (This hairy fucker is INTO IT!); Frank Reed – yes.

OK, I officially give up – let’s just post the labeled face pics and you tell me who’s in this scene

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

Tony and Tom

Tony LaVerga AKA Tom Ronka – was only in 2 films.
2 films! so we get 2 names, right? – We got Wrestling Meat 2 (1983) with Tony La Verga and then we got Intruders (1984) with Tom Ronka.

While most (all but one) of these pics are from a magazine called Friday Night Workout, from his Wrestling Meat 2 appearance, I only had film footage of his 3-way with Brad Phillips (arguably, Brad peaked in 1984, with this appearance and his performance in Moving Van – but I digress)…. where was I? Oh, 3-way with Tom, Brad, and of course Jimmy Metz to share with you. Jimmy, who you’ll see stumbles upon the pair doing it, decides he needs to rub his crotch, watch and then…. don’t wanna spoil the ending! My “discovery” of Tom/Tony actually happened while I was looking at Mike Kelly pics and I thought – what a nice ass! – when I realized it was Tony’s, er Tom’s, ass I was drooling over…..and then the thick cock, can’t ignore that ‘stache, and well, see for yourself. (Those of you who know this film, will notice I edited out the first few minutes, because – EGAD JEEZ – is inter-spliced after Brad and Tom enjoy each other poolside – I mean, come on – it’s not just that I don’t care for Jheri-curled Dyson’s look, it isn’t even the same level of quality film-making….ok, I could go on…)

These are from Intruders; I couldn’t get as good of photos of Tony/Tom

"vintage" porn stars

slab of Rodney

How come I never noticed Rod Garetto‘s tattoo?