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i am 98% sure this clip is from Christopher Rage’s Outrage, one of the few he recorded on film. I am also pretty sure this clip is NOT on any of the DVD or later VHS versions of the movie (I clock those in at 69 minutes, but I once had a fuller version that came in at 88minutes – why-o-why-o did i sell that??! – have i mentioned recently how i f*ckin’ loathe HIS VIDEO?? – that’s pronounce H-I-S ). Finally, I am also 98% sure that you’ll be frustrated viewing it, as it’s pretty dark, only lit by candle, and while it looked cool on my 30-inch TV, doesn’t have the same impact on the 17-inch monitor. Nonetheless, it’s worth a go, and i like that Rage takes risks.

Click the pic to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can “right click” and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.

Christopher Rage (1984)

this scene: J.D. Slater & Christopher Rage

Starring in the film: J.D. Slater, Jason Daniels, Jesse Fairweather, Rick Peters, Scott Morgan, Michael Thomas, and Christopher Rage

oh yeah, for my 4 or 5 remainder readers who have managed to find their way over to the new location of the blog here on wordpress, I am “open to” suggestions on future clips – my personal preference is 3-10 minutes, pre-1984, on film (and of course i have to actually have the movie!). Check out my hasn’t been updated in at least two years pornolist

update: changed the “wmv” file to “mp4” – noticed the length on the digital version I have is 69 minutes, GEVI lists it at 65 minutes (!!!?), but I found an old auction file where I sold a bootleg of it, coming in at 88 minutes – I suspect that must be the complete version. Alas, don’t know if I ever attempted to get the original length version back, which no doubt would’ve been in an earlier, heavier, larger VHS package.

REDDIT review here

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That clip is from Outrage, so you were right about that. I also reviewed the film over at reddit so if you decide to update this one and feel that my review is a good addition for your post, you know where to find it ;) The candle clip was in the version I linked to in my review which may have been the original length, or at least unedited as the one you had was.

One thing that made me feel a little weird about rewatching the film when I did the review, the scene where they play with the condoms as if they were toys. It matches the mood of the film and all the gear that is lumped into that same category as a theme, but for obvious reasons left me with an awkward feeling. Especially since (as with all other porn films of the year when this was made, as I know you know too) nobody wore condoms for the fuck sequences. Chris Rage had some definite talent, he seemed to aim for the indie style of filmmaking, so less polished for sure than what the bigger studios were churning out. Not always worse than Falcon, Surge or Laguna Pacific, but noticeably different.

thanks for commenting, as it helped me remember to convert the “wmv” file to “mp4” – which, at the moment on the internet, seems to be the standard.

on to the film itself, I hear you about the playing with condoms, and while I want to avoid a “when we all started using condoms” discussion again, I think at least in 1984 there was an effort to make them fun, playful, not so foreign – don’t know that it was Rage’s intent, but you saw that later with Al Parker and the Saran Wrap… oops Reynold’s Wrap

Thanks for adding the link. There’s a link about Rage in the top section of the review (below the links to the film and gevi) a really long article about him written at the blog section of Treasure Island, the bareback studio. It’s fascinating if you’ve never read it, about his life and his most memorable films.

It could have been his desire to introduce a sense of fun about the concept of condoms, but the fact that nobody actually wore one to fuck kinda negates that. I don’t want to dredge up the timeline of the switch to condoms either but I hear you, all the accessories shown in Outrage, the candle wax, the cockrings, the condoms, it all seemed to be lumped into the same category in a way. Things you can use to make sex a bit different, which he wanted to showcase in his work and through his independent style.

So I guess there’s no way to search your blog and just find the wmv files, in order to switch them over to mp4? Otherwise I think you’d have done that instead of being reminded to switch them out when you happen upon them. Both work for me but I think you’re right about the universality of mp4’s at least now.

“search your blog and just find the wmv files” – it’s a slow process, but I don’t mind – it’s more when the photo/link doesn’t work at all that I want to fix – and am at the same time deleting wmv’s from my hard drive, and want to make sure they are needed to be converted first…. 20+ years of this, I am quite comfortable with some broken links and files that don’t work!

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