directed by: Alan Purnell (1982)
Starring: Morgan Winner (body-builder), COLT model Toby, Ross Sanderson, and Peter Moran

i wanted to write something about this clip, this director, and of course, TOBY! – but alas, late for everything, and gotta run!

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There are two sequences, not shown, that I’ll always remember from this film. One where Toby, as he’s working on a young guy, first notices Morgan Winner overhead with an erection and does a quick startled head turn. Another is when Morgan first sticks his dick into Toby, and then Toby, again startled, lifts his head and opens his mouth with an excruciatingly pleasant, “Ah!”. Thanks for the inside info. on this film from your 5-4-2005 post. The film’s music ain’t bad either. Wow, how things have changed in England. To think they now have Alphamale Media and UK Naked Men. Toby was fantastic! A precursor to fellow English stars like Jason Steele, Blue Blake, Aiden Shaw, and now Buck Dillon. He looked great in stills and in action. Beautiful expressive face. He could be brooding longingly, or sneering when he’s dressed in leather and jeans . I’m certain he must have had legitimate modeling and acting experience. No surprise Al Parker liked him. He, along with his other Colt colleagues: Bob Blount, Mike Davis, and Tony Ganz, were all romantically handsome. They were matinee porn idols. Jim French had a great eye for all types of hot men.

Wow, it’s rather eerie to come back to this post, after I responded, over a decade ago! I had almost forgotten. Just goes to show you, how some subjects are so fascinating, that they come back around, full circle! : I

Ooh boy, I think I’m about to overdose on Toby! He’s like a drug – a genuine stimulant!

He’s got me under the influence! He’s the four-letter word, on my mind! : 0

This proves I’m a major, hardcore fan; despite my earlier, visual reservations. I can’t shut up! : )

BJ, I know you have access to the relatively new website, Collector Realm 3. It’s pretty incredible! The earliest post I can find is from 2016. The owner, Jack Drago, deserves a lot of credit – so much content!

Per my earlier BJ post on Toby; I searched on CR3, to see if I could find some fresh or rare photos. I figured that these newly discovered ones, more appropriately, belonged here. : )

Surprisingly enough, Drago doesn’t have any of his Colt photos. Instead, he exclusively has 42 (!) pictures, of the “fantasy carpentry workshop” sequence; of “Workout (1982)” – involving only Toby and cute, Ross Sanderson.

This CR3 post is dated May 21, 2018. I’ve never seen these pictures before! I have a mixed reaction, to this mixed blessing! : / : P

Yes, I do appreciate that these images, are interesting and rare.

But unfortunately, so many of these pictures look or seem, too similar. Drago seems to repeat himself. He should have gone for more visual variety! Looking at all these images is exhausting, and numbing! : ( ZZZZzzzz

I know we queers can be pretty “anal”, but that’s taking the Freudian slip and pun, a bit too far! Maybe it’s a “gay thing”, to be so obsessive and redundant. (I should talk!) : /

But it’s still fascinating! I was able to find four images, that are the most compelling, and the most flattering, to Toby. I’m not going to post the complete link, unless you ask for it. : /

The 42 pictures seem to have been posted, arbitrarily. I arranged these specific links, so that they suggest, a bit of continuity and order. : )

I know you appreciate body hair. Look at Toby’s shoulders. I keep forgetting that he has a faded tattoo, on his outer forearm. It appears to be a sailing ship. Am I right? What great, soft hair and long lashes!

I know I sound like a scratched record; but it just never ceases to amaze me, how vividly close, Toby connects to the camera – astounding! He truly has star power! His eyes are forever!

As I previously said above, there’s an extremely sexy moment in “Workout”, when he lifts his head, opens his mouth, and exhales a whispery “Ahhh!” That’s the only extent, to which we hear his voice.

My memory is a little blurry. I thought this happened, while he was being fucked. But maybe he was just being fingered, or tickled. Can anyone verify?

Like others, I’m curious as hell, as to what his voice sounded like. I wonder if he had some acting ability. Could he handle dialogue? My hypothetical guess is that he could. : )

I mean, after all, he has presence, bearing, grace, style, control, irony, authority, humor. He can move well and emote. He’s very sensual, confident, uninhibited, and relaxed. Likes to impersonate and play-act. Seems like a natural, to me!

Could the teeth have been, his only hindrance? Did he ever get them fixed? Sadly, we’ll just never know. What a shame! : (

Anyway, the stars seem to align for me, on this topic. Can you believe I just found two more pictures, which demonstrate, his versatility? Toby is the gift that keeps on giving!

(I hope these links work!)

Dicks, bodies, and ass are nice, but above all, I’m a face person. For me, it has to start there.

I appreciate that in this GQ style, introduction page; Jim French stylishly presents Toby, fully clothed. This fully draws attention, to his sweet, handsome face. The candles are a nice touch also. : )

Wow, he looks so young, dignified, and vulnerable here – preppy! The name “Toby” seems so appropriate – adorable! Depending on the context, he can either soften, or harden his eyes. How does he do that? Amazing! : 0

You should be able to enlarge this image for a close-up. Aside from being a master photographer, Jim French could also write. I love reading his model descriptions, and concept themes – an artist, through and through!

His paean to Toby is so totally spot on! Is there anyone left, who isn’t on to the fact, that “Jim French” and “Rip Colt” is the same guy? : )

I totally love to compare and contrast. You can’t avoid that with Toby.

As we know, Jim French had a playful, subversive, sense of humor. This adventure photo of Toby in a jeep is pretty hilarious! It raises questions, and just begs for captions!

“Oh excuse me, let me put this away.” : )

Notice how casually and carelessly, his waves his wang! There’s some serious, deliberate calculation, and coordination, going on here. Notice how both his long cigarette, and long pecker, tilts downward!

The setting seems to be a jungle. I imagine it’s hot and humid. Is he airing himself off, to avoid prickly heat? What’s he see in the foreground? Is that what made him aroused?

But what really gets me, is how mature, worldly, nonchalant, and debonair, Toby looks here.

He seems to be channeling his fellow Englishman, Roger Moore, when he first played James Bond in “Live and Let Die (1973)”.

Can this photo, and the one right above, really be the same guy? What a chameleon! : 0

Aside from Toby, Jim French also celebrated other men, who were romantically handsome.

Tony Ganz, Bob Blount, Ryan Kilgore, Mike Davis, Kevin Ritchie, Gene Valenti, Marcus Cobb, and of course, Toby; all had a Prince Charming profile, that you see illustrated, in gothic romance novels.

Toby stands out though. Even when he’s starkers, he shows personality. He really does seem to like; creating character, as opposed to just looking pretty. He’s never just a nude model.

He upgrades from sex object, to sex subject! : )

Here are some more demonstrations, of his versatility – Bravo!

Once again, let’s compare and contrast. I’m using this scenic photo, which BJ previously posted. Thanks BJ!

Jim French revered both the sacred and the profane. This should give you a buzz. It’s Toby on the rocks! I think it’s hauntingly beautiful, spiritual, and evocative. He looks so graceful and poetic – angel! Call him Gabriel.

In this picture, he literally and figuratively, shows a different side – a rare butt shot!

What depth! This shows that he was more than just the owner, of a great piece of meat. He was also, a great piece of ass! LOL!

Now, the dark, shady side of Toby – call him Lucifer. This is a complete 180! In the photo above, he looks like an angel. Here, he looks like a Hell’s Angel – compelling!

He looks so hip in denim! It’s by Colt, but it recalls, Old Reliable. Toby sneers – “Fuck you!”

Here are a couple of kinky photos, from the same shoot above. These he shares with Scott Butcher. Their dicks are cuffed together on the left. Toby’s not above using his tongue, for effect – lewd and lascivious!

Toby snarls!

Two more pictures from the same shoot.

I’m fascinated by the shape of Scott Butcher’s ass. It’s rather womanly. But what really gets me, is the picture on the right, with the cigarette. Notice how sinister, Toby’s eyes look – Yikes!

Like the best of actors, Toby can play angels or devils, heroes or villains, gentlemen or knaves.

And what a great clothes horse! He looks great in denim, and he also rocks in leather!

I can’t resist posting this picture from “Workout”, again. He looks so surly and decadent! Thanks BJ!

In and out of his clothes, Toby looks fabulous! Jumpers, denim, leather, suits, casual, robes – he rocks!

No doubt, he could also probably carry off; historic period costumes – Ruffled collars and sleeves, vests, suit jackets, canes and hats. How about a cape, medieval tights, or even a Roman toga? : )

Okay, endlessly fascinating and distinct as Toby is, this celebration, has to end. As usual, I babbled on and on!

That’s bound to happen, with a genuine, Porn Divo, like Toby – The X-Rated Laurence Olivier!

He really deserved a title. If Her Majesty, the Queen, won’t knight Sir Toby; then there are plenty of other queens, who will! LOL!

; )

oh my – toooooo many pics – with absolutely no text! Yeah, I appreciate that he posts ALL the pics, but, hmmmm, I just sorta go… scroll…. scroll… I wish it was a bit more curated – I wonder if its from HIM magazine, an English publication I’ve never been able to nab – well,. they wouldn’t have printed ALL those@!

late here, will come back

I’m not familiar with some of these sites like Drago. Can one of you tell me where to find the 42 pictures from Workout? I just searched and couldn’t find stills, and I want to see if they have that celestial one of Toby throwing back his head in Self-Worshipped Pleasure–I’ve never seen him more gorgeous anywhere. He’s sitting on an ordinary high stool, and the younger Morgan Winner is worship-sucking him.

Thanks! I think 4/5 of those are with Ross Sanderson and the last 1/5 is with Morgan Winner, but the latter is the one where I would have liked to find Winner sucking Toby, and he doesn’t include any of those. I confess I don’t remember the Sanderson segment being that elaborate and don’t remember Toby in that position, although his Prick is gorgeous with his splayed legs–lots of good ones. He also didn’t include any of Toby at the pool table, which is a hot scene and Toby looks great in leather and a sleeveless undershirt–that’s an exciting scene.

I put a lot of replies to you on the ‘Things Go Better With…’ last week.

I’ll just go over some of these. The most important new one for me is the one in the truck with the cigarette. There is a series of those, and the one in Colt Men #1 I like even more, it’s more subdued but also more alluring, although that’s to say nothing about the loveliness of this one.

The one in Maui with the Polynesian garment (I think it’s called a ‘lava-lava’) is the one we all went nuts over when the magazine first came out. As far as I know, it’s unique, and does he EVER have a way with a cigarette in that scene–everything is all NATURE for a change, and there is the very Satan coming out the nonchalant cigarette. Gorgeous picture. Although French did quite a number in Maui. He was still referred to often as ‘Mark Griffin’ at the time, from what I’ve been able to gather–from Evesham, England, not far from Stratford-on-Avon.

I think I know what you mean about the part in Workout where he says “Ahhhhhh”, but I am pretty sure it’s finger-fucking. I don’t think he was ever fucked or even with anyone in that position in photos or loops. I mentioned on the other thread that I wondered if maybe that was saved for his lover Bill (don’t know the last name, but he was a Hollywood producer, they lived in the Hollywood Hills when someone who knew him wrote about him after his death was finally announced, but I believe Parker said he had met him in Palm Springs and hadn’t known he was British till he did.)

I’ve never cared so much about those photos with Scott Butcher, but they’re a contrast to the rest of the magazine. I DO love the GQ opening photo, he looks just like he’s about to go to Claridge’s.

Was interested in those early parts of workout you put stills of: Somehow he looks younger in those than in the actual film. But he is at his most glorious when he is sitting on the stool and being sucked by Winner, at one time throwing back in the seemingly conscious awareness of his godlike beauty. He was definitely a few years older in looks (as well as just the fact) in Workout, and was more muscular, surely having worked out a lot more. But I don’t remember the hair on his shoulders before Workout. How might that be?

He would also look mature because he actually was older than most popular models at the time. The Colt Men # 1 has him born in 1944, and the magazine was 1975, but on the last page of the inside there are the photos of him and Bruno from Bruno’s World, so that would have already been shot (I hadn’t realized that at the time, hadn’t seen either of the films with Bruno and Parker.) So all of what we see starts at least from his early 30s. I think Workout is from 1982, his last film, but I’ve seen elsewhere 1980 (I think that’s incorrect, but I can’t remember why I think it.) He’s the ‘older star’ in Workout, and not supposed to be the Real Star, but he completely dominates after awhile as usual.

Yes, it is a mystery why he didn’t straighten the teeth–it wouldn’t have been difficult and god knows they had the money.

He doesn’t remind me so much of Roger Moore, because Moore was so arch. Toby is just always natural, but as you say, clearly understands some technical things about movement and modelling and photography himself. I find him sometimes like Alain Delon, there is one in particular close to the front of the Colt Men #1, in which he’s just come from the pool, beach, shower, or some watery place, with a towel thrown around his neck. There are several in that group, and he definitely looks very aristocratic (although I don’t think he literally is), which I’ve never seen in another porn star (including the few I like quite as well by now)–he may also have studied classical sculpture closely, because he does look like a sculpture in some of these. I always heard him called ‘Toby’ too, naturally, we just associated it with him, as we would–he put the name on the map. But he actually looks more like a ‘Mark’, his actual first name. There was a Colt site in the 00s, in which one of his old Hollywood friends was shocked to hear of his death, and there were several things I hadn’t known before: Names of some of their friends, and maybe Toby’s lover (I have forgotten these, though, except ‘Bill’ was the lover), and that he’d lived in London for awhile, and this fellow said something about ‘and oh, that London accent’, although that’s a fine art that the English do and dissect to the point of distraction. If it veers a hair from Her Majesty’s, some thing it’s vulgar. Actually, this Queen has always had a good sense of humour, and I definitely think would have considered knighting Toby had she had chosen purely on personal taste–after all, she knighted Tom Jones, and that’s one of the most famous crotches of the 20th century.

Of English actors, I think only of another Mark, Mark Eden, but only when he was very young, as in Seance on a Wet Afternoon:

Here’s one more of him young, where he really looks like he’s got dick:

I thought he was still with us, apparently passed on a little over 2 weeks ago.

Primarily, I see Toby as embodying much of D.H. Lawrence’s England, and I do hope Oliver Mellors looked as much like Toby as possible, in order to produce one fulfillment after another inside her ladyship Constance Chatterley. Your suggestions of costuming from other eras is interesting, but I think 18th c. English or French are most suggested, and he could easily play Giacomo Casanova (at least lookswise, he’s so relaxed, he doesn’t have the look of ambition he’d need to be a top actor.) I’m sure he’d had his share of girls growing up in England, and then just found he preferred boys. I know that feeling, and the pleasures of a woman are nothing compared to those of a beautiful boy or man–although there are a few perfect women who excite me, and I was rather devastated by the passing of the divine Ann Reinking, whom I saw in the original Chicago and later in All That Jazz . She was utterly gorgeous. But the difference is that women have to be PERFECT, men can have flaws and still be enormously erotic.

Toby is one of the exceptional men who carries eroticism on his body at all times so that he is himself PERFECT.

If he had real acting talent (I can’t say I’ve seen a great deal in homosexual movies, even if some of it is campy and enjoyable), he’d make a fabulous Julius Caesar if he could rev up the intensity (part of his beauty is his always relaxed demeanour, suggesting the pastoral and some of the outdoor photos French took), and wear a toga of the sort that Caesar wore with ‘loose-fastened belt’, which made him the most fashionable man in Rome before he ever even thought about the Rubicon, or Cleopatra, for that matter. He’d look incredible fucking a truly beautiful woman as well–someone like Ava Gardner, maybe. They’re both so fucking carnal, it would be almost more than one could take.

One more thing that helps with the age–he was 2 years older than Jack Wrangler, who would be popular in a couple of years from Toby, and did much more work of course. Also was 8 years older than Parker, although there doesn’t look like much of an age difference in Chute. Wrangler was literally everywhere at a point in the mid-70s, and the first Parker film I saw in wiki was Heavy Equipment, in which Wrangler appeared as well. I must have seen that. So they were at one point all working at the same time, but Wrangler and Parker worked much more frequently than did Toby who, of course, never made a full movie. I went to everything Wrangler during that period, and saw several Parker films, but I don’t remember the names of them. Toby’s career is pointedly stopped with Workout, but Wrangler and Parker continued well into the 80s, and I think I saw one of Wrangler’s straight films Jack and Jill with Samantha Fox about 1983. It was very campy, I thought Jack was funny. I do remember seeing both Hot House (with Roger) and Kansas City Trucking Company at the Adonis. Parker seems to have worked all the way to the end–I remember seeing some of the last Surge films at the Bijou, and Kinky Stuff at the old WestWorld on West Street.

[never made a full movie] Take that back–Workout is a full movie, just a form of modern silent, sound (at least at the pool table, but I’d better check), but none of the models speaks except for Toby’s “ahhhh” (I think that’s what I remember). And does have a nice background score. That girl group that sings “Touch Me and I’ll Never Let Go”, quite nice and sexy for hot males.

oh my!

nearly all the cigarette pics I love – not sure why – and that lecherous one with Scott Butcher (tongue!) is great

jeep – oh – THAT pic! you know you post a bazillion, and sometimes I wander down here to the basement computer in the middle of the night and, well, skim the long posts!

what was the question?


There has to be a way, to figure out which photos aren’t locked, and can be posted. This link actually lasted, for a short while. I thought we were all in the clear. Maybe it can come back, on its own. That’s actually happened before, to some of ones I appropriated (i.e. stole)!

The photo of Toby, in the jungle jeep was so memorable, and hilarious! I hope you were able to view it, BJ. I’m glad that Parisian was able to.
: )

Wow, Parisian! Once again, I’m impressed! You’re much more literate, cultured, and “au courant”, than I can ever hope to be. Your responses are quite an education! I had to look up the words, “lava-lava” and “Claridge’s”.

I love and value your inside “dish”. I had forgotten that Toby was also referred to as Mark Griffin, earlier in time. Thanks for reminding me!
: )

I totally agree with you about Roger Moore being “arch”. He was almost, borderline campy. I could never really accept him as James Bond. I also thought that Pierce Brosnan, was too lightweight.

Bond has to be charismatic and suave, but he also has to be ruthless and lethal – license to kill!

Like many others, I scoffed at the notion of Bond being short and blond. But Daniel Craig has more than proven that he’s up to the task – superb! I love the way he moves – so graceful and manly! He’s like a lynx!

When I compared Toby to Roger Moore, it was only physically. Moore often looked too ornamental, but at certain times in his career, and from certain angles, he could also look pretty stunning.

The top of his head is a little large, so it wasn’t flattering, when he would style his hair, up in a pile. Keep it short and thin.

I think this picture of him as Beau Maverick, is pretty cool! The hat does wonders!

He makes quite an impression in his first Hollywood film “The Last Time I saw Paris (1954)”, though he still is a bit lightweight. He didn’t age well at all. I thought he looked way too old, for his last two Bond films.

I agree with your comparison of Toby to Alain Delon. They didn’t resemble each other, but yes, they did have a similar elegance and glamour.

I can’t say I’m familiar with actor Mark Eden – nice cheekbones. It’s ironic, but when I viewed him, he reminded me of another James Bond actor, George Lazenby.

I agree that Lazenby wasn’t an ideal Bond – too warm and friendly. But boy was he gorgeous –the mouth, the chin, the warm brown eyes, and the smooth hair! He even had a beauty mark!

As I always say, I like them rugged, and I like them handsome. And if they’re ruggedly handsome, then I’m over the moon!

I really shouldn’t cut him so much slack. I hear he was a bit arrogant, and ungrateful.

But I take into account, that he was only 29 at the time, and didn’t have that much acting experience – originally a model. Under those circumstances, I think he acquitted himself, quite well. Unlike Roger Moore, he aged beautifully!

He was Australian, Sean Connery was Scottish, and Pierce Brosnan was Irish. It’s fascinating the number of times, which James Bond was cast, without a British actor. Even James Brolin, was considered.

Boy, we really are kindred spirits! I also loved Ann Reinking, especially when she danced – those kicks!

I envy that you got to see her live!

This candid admission of yours is amazing! Although I strongly, primarily, am a queer, I also have a heterosexual component; though I wouldn’t identify myself as bisexual.

I know BJ won’t appreciate this, but I’m just like you, in regards to beautiful women – a Kinsey “5”. I’m also attracted to women, but only if they’re young, beautiful, and voluptuous – basically a goddess.

I wouldn’t kick Jacqueline Bisset, Julie Christie, or Susan Sarandon, out of bed, when they were in their prime!

I’m not proud of the fact, that I have this sexist, double standard. Like you, I give men, a lot more leeway. It’s a greater variety and range, than I give women. It rather disturbs me. But then, no one said life was fair. : (

I so agree with you that Ava Gardner was a goddess!

I always say, that if she wasn’t the most beautiful woman who ever lived; then she had to have come, close!

She was quite frisky in her youth. She obviously enjoyed sex.

By the time she was 30; she had married and divorced, three famous men. In some of her candid interviews, she even admitted to sleeping with some homosexual men.

Bisexual Farley Granger bragged that he had her! I would be honored, if she tried to “cure” me!

Oooh boy! Once again, I said too much. I really need to shut up!

Thanks again, BJ! Look forward to your next response, Parisian!

Everyone who posts on this wonderful blog is also welcomed!

; )

You say such sweet things, Obsessed. Gilbert Roland is another star, all sex and athleticism, whose body is somewhat like Toby’s, and you don’t doubt at all his well-known gigolo moonlighting in Hollywood. I won’t link to most of them, because he’s got a moustache most of the time which I know you don’t like, and his sexiness is not the languour of Toby, who always seems like summer–he’s always jumping about and lots of fast movement, but this one is a rare quieter Roland: and since they were both so obviously naturally oversexed, it seemed sort of a distant match. Especially that GQ photo that B.J. posted on the other thread, and I fucked up with multiple posts because somehow had ‘Airplane Mode’ on. I never know how that happens, when I haven’t manually turned it on. Actually, he almost looks as if he was photographed IN Claridge’s, the wallpaper is of such high quality and the whole tableau so elegant. But there he really does look like the aristocratic Freddy Eynsford-Hill, and would have looked great with Audrey Hepburn, although Jeremy Brett was quite dashing. Toby could have easily been an A-list movie star based on his looks, but he’d have to have been able to sing and act, and he would have been drawn to them if he’d wanted to.

Roland was not quite A-list, but very successful, especially the 11-movie Cisco Kid series. One of the series, The Bullfighter and the Lady has an outdoor scene with another guy, and there’s a long, lingering shot of his outrageously exhibited and fat crotch–it’s worth going through the boring things to see this, which I never have to this degree on film. I mean–it’s fucking startling for him to just stand there bulging like that, and for so LONG.

You know, I think some actors are made for television more than movies. Maybe Roger Moore is one–I thought he was wonderful in The Saint. He was also charming interviewed by Johnny Carson once. One well-known critic said the same of Ann-Margret, but I totally disagree, and love a lot of her movies, especially Joseph Andrews

I have to admit I have seen none of the Bond films except the original Connery ones.

Ava Gardner was totally into sex and very much a size queen–always talking about Sinatra’s dick. Once she was asked what she saw in such a skinny little guy like Frank, and she replied “Well, there’s only 120 lbs. Frank, but there’s 10 lbs. of cock”. She was well-known for her earthy talk, and also her complete lack of intimidation by Sinatra. But an utter earth goddess. Once she was shooting in Africa, and some of the natives wanted to prove that their dicks were bigger, and Ava said, hilariously “No! Frank’s is bigger!” Love her in her later years in Night of the Iguana

So glad you loved Annie. That is my favourite picture of her that you posted: She had the legs of the century. When I saw her in 1978 or so, where she got famous as Roxie Hart, I had never heard of her, and the second Parisian lover I mentioned before was visiting me, wanting ‘to go to a Broadway show’. I was dreading it, but we had good seats, and suddenly this CREATURE comes out, and she was simply mesmerizing.

In the early 80s, I found what I considered to be this kind of PERFECT woman, looks-wise, and we were together for 5 years, but I always kept up the homosexuality. She was quite the Swinger too, even though doing her doctorate at Columbia, and actually told me it was ‘good for me to go to the Adonis’. The hitch was that she was incredibly ill-tempered, though funny and smart. She was never able to be at peace with anything except when fucking or in the afterglow. Otherwise, she loved to fight. I actually liked basic coitus quite a bit, but I do NOT like cunnilingus–I’d take not only a man’s basket but his ass as well for something sweet to suck on ravenously. Never ass-fucked a woman, though one wanted me to, because afraid of getting pregnant. Nor does it interest me–I like men’s asses, including preferring fucking them to cunts.

I’m not proud of the fact, that I have this sexist, double standard. Like you, I give men, a lot more leeway. It’s a greater variety and range, than I give women. It rather disturbs me.

You do sound like this very kind, caring person. I read that and thought “Why, I never even occurred to me to care about what they think.” And, of course, most of the men who come here (I assume) are exclusively homosexual, so that’s fine, and women basically understand that, or the rational ones do. I think during the 10 years I had both women and men, I thought of myself as bisexual, but I do not anymore. Never think of women, except…I’d have made an exception for Reinking if everybody else (including Mayor Bloomberg, and her most famous lover Bob Fosse, wasn’t even one of her FOUR husbands) wasnt’ in love with her and I could have gotten to her, and hell, I admit it, with her I would have even done cunnilingus for hours and loved it. Dancers take such care with their bodies, and all that exercise from their work keeps their bodies taut and clean. My ill-tempered gf. was a dancer, but I still didn’t like the cunnilingus. And I couldn’t care less what they think. I wouldn’t call what you have is a ‘double standard’ at all, it’s just what you prefer.

But I won’t say any more about heterosexuality. B.J. has made us this wonderful blog, but it is interesting that we both have that side. Although mine is totally gone now, and I gather yours is too. Women are so fucking possessive and jealous of even your non-sexual friends. It nearly ruined me, that last one, and thank god we didn’t marry, as we announced we were going to do. She was 17 years older but looked 10 years younger, and that made it sort of a fashionable thing to do.

Surely you saw your favourite Gordon Grant’s gorgeous yacht/schooner photo B.J. posted during the week. Smashing photo indeed, I thought him more beautiful there than in anything I’ve seen him before.

I think that’s all I know about Toby at this point, although I was thinking last night, when talking about how he is never involved in sodomy, how fabulous it would have been at the end of Chute, when he keeps fingering Al’s ass, if he had just gone ahead and fucked hell out of him. Parker certainly wouldn’t have objected! Then I’d love to see them do it face-to-face. and then ‘flip’ (or whatever it’s called) and exchange roles. I’m sure Parker would have done it, as I saw him get fucked in a lot of movies.

You and B.J. and zephyr are the scholars of this vintage gay realm. I know something of a few of them, and the same of some of the contemporary ones I like, but the music, for example, I rarely have paid that much attention to, as does zephyr, even though I’ve been a musician all my life. I did like the music in Adam and Yves, including the organ concerto in the background of Bill Young’s Narcissus. I think B.J. loves ‘Honey Man’ more than I do, although I’ve nothing against black men, and have enjoyed my share…

don’t know what link you think broke – maybe I can help

but if we’re talkin non-porn actors, i have nothing to add, or say…. I can barely remember the names of modern ones I like in a movie I saw this week!

(Shhhh! The link came back! I don’t want to be too loud. Maybe they don’t know. It’s the hilarious picture of Toby in a jungle jeep #6. This has happened to me before. The link breaks, then it comes back. Go figure. Enjoy it while you can. Thanks!)

(You haven’t told me what you think of these fresh pictures that I posted. I’m not talking about the ones that belong to you.)
; )

I just copied it now and pasted it on a site I have. Sometimes this ‘inline’ sort of thing goes away anyway. There’s one B.J. posted of Joe Cade sucking Justin Cade that would come and go.

I mentioned there were several in this ‘Tropical Truck’ series in Colt Men #1. Right after this, in a matter of seconds I’d think, he brings up his left leg and puts it inside with the foot bent over so as to obscenely frame his gorgeous crotch with his wide-open thighs. It’s much more seductive than this one, I think, and I’ve got it somewhere online but so hidden away I would have to spend hours, and then maybe not find it.

Or it could have happened in reverse order, but the one with both feet in the truck has him with his hand on the cigarette as he smokes it. It’s much more sultry.

Obviously, he’s splendid in either photo (and some others in this group), I’m just musing on the different moods that stills can arouse, although if these images were filmed, I don’t think one would be ‘hilarious’ and the other ‘sultry’ as they succeed each other. If I ever find the other online, I’ll put the link to it. I know the mostly-defunct blog Total Cock Worship has it, but from years ago. I have it in my living room framed, taken from the magazine.

Thanks for getting it back!

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