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Tony Romano + friend

Has Tony Romano (the guy on the floor) been in any films other than Colt’s Hammerhead with Gordon Grant? I don’t think so. I know we’ve seen him paired off in photos like this one (with some guy who’s name I just can’t put my finger on), as well as with Paul Baressi , but can’t think of any other films (but would love to have a photo of him with Grant – mmmmmm!)

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This guy was such cutie. A real power bottom. He has an angular head like Montgomery Clift. I’ve read that Colt’s Gallery 14 featuring Sir Gordon, has stills from both Hammerhead and Flatbed. I keep losing the bid on EBay. I’ve also seen a Colt brochure where G.G. is fucking Romano in the missionary position. Very hot. The ending of Hammerhead is so tender. It’s surprising how Paul Baressi is also so tender with T.R. in his Gallery magazine. He never came off that way in any of his films. Baressi also has a Target photo where he looks at Ron Raz affectionately. Can you believe that? Romano sure was a lucky dog. Not that much work, but you can’t top Grant, Parker, and Baressi. All sensual pairings.

The ‘friend’ in the picture is none other than the formidable Al Parker – That wavy hair, the build, that torso and foreshortened horsemeat. Have never seen this pic before, thanks!

Tony was a subtle hottie with a nice body. no photos of him cumming. i read he passed away in the late 80s sadly. would love to have seen more action shots with him and Baressi

I know this was posted 11 years ago, but I just love this photo. It’s almost like an Escher; which one is standing and which is laying on the floor? The angle is so unusual, but all their beauty is captured!

I want to go back in time and tell Jim French to put them in a film together.

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