they call me Harley, and I call them Harley’s Angels

“The hustle of the streets was hard, but I took them away from all that.”

directed by: Arch Brown (1980)
Starring: Jayson MacBride, Justin Thyme, and Ken Darrell; plus Harry Hover, Jesse St James, Jonathon West, and Webb Steel.

One reply on “they call me Harley, and I call them Harley’s Angels”

I only liked Arch Brown’s films depending who was in them. They tend to go on and on. Justin Thyme was kind of cute. Didn’t really care for Ken Darrell. The only time I enjoyed Jayson MacBride, was his poolside scene in “The Dirty Picture Show”, a film within a film. I laughed out loud when he’s about to get fucked and yelled, “Oh no!”.

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