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Don Bowman

Gordon Grant, from the 1978 magazine, Exhibit, Number 2, from Falcon studios Roy Dean’s 1976 “Man of Moods”

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Hey BJ, regarding Mr. Bowman. I always assumed that was his real name. We both know that Jim French, named him after a famous illustrator, the same way he gave Drew Okun, the name Al Parker. Roy Dean in “Man of Moods”, said he was half Irish and half Cherokee. But “In Touch” magazine, said he was half Dutch and half Nes Paz Indian. There’s endless mystery about him. Were you aware of this early loop that he may have done in 1975? It’s called “Bowman 1016” and it’s a solo from Publisher’s West, that I’ve never seen. Have you?


I have a strong hunch that this may have been his first porn appearance. The only other time he used the name Don Bowman, was when he posed for Roy Dean. I had always thought that Jim French discovered him. Maybe he saw this loop and then photographed him at a later time, also in 1975. His first Colt loop, “Hammerhead”, came out in 1976, but by then, “Olympus Three”, was already being sold. I read a article that stated he did all his three Colt Studio loops by 1977.

I have to correct myself. It seems he actually did ten titles. For the record they are:

Bowman 1016, Hammerhead, Flatbed, Houseboat, Lifeguard, The Crotch Watcher (Dirty Words), Young Conquest, Working Late, Stay Hungry aka Pumping Nine, and Hot Truckin’.

Why are people so fascinated by him?

And I include myself as one of those people.

He just pulls me in. Now, if you think I’ve ever been interested in any other porn star in this way, the answer is no.

There’s something so compelling about him.

I didn’t see that you listed PLEASURES IN THE SUN. Isn’t that one of his videos?

My question is: Is there any record of his voice? In THE LIFEGUARD, which I discovered today, he mouths to the two guys, “Wanna fuck?” but nothing more. And a lot of the moaning and groaning in some of the films is clearly a soundtrack that doesn’t match the performers.

I would LOVE to hear him speak. I can’t imagine what his voice would sound like. I suppose it’s either very deep or very fem. But I’d love to know.

If I had the time and energy , I would try to research him more and find his family somewhere so that I could publish a biography of him.

Do you think that any of these guys would be happy to know that guys still are fascinated by them 25 years later?

Thanks for this great information!

He had a very nice voice, deep. I knew him and his lover Tony. He was also an artist and he did a painting of me around 1987 I believe.

juango — might tony still be around? was this in san francisco? i’ve been trying to compile a biography of this wonderful man. as a young gay kid, i was lost until i saw some photos of him. i owe my sanity to this man. thanks.

Check out “Jimmie Don Bowman” in His Soc Sec record states he signed “Don Bowman”. Also his dates – (March 18, 1949-Dec. 23, 1992) fit the bill. JDB was born in New Mexico and died in Las Vegas, unmarried at 43.

if you notice when you click the image above, you see not only the image LARGER, but a bit of a bio – including calling him Don Bowman, and the Irish and half Cherokee bit. The magazine was published by Falcon, but I wonder if the photos were done by Roy Dean.

and nope, never heard of that early loop!

Hey BJ, I was going to point this out to you yesterday, but it was getting late. You got your pictures mixed up. The above picture is from Roy Dean’s 1976 “Man of Moods” magazine, second page. 1978’s Exhibit, Number 2, from Falcon Studios, has a still of him from “The Crotch Watcher”, on the cover where he’s facing the opposite direction. He’s lying in bed leaning on his elbow. It’s similar to the DVD cover.

I know because I have both magazines. I hope to one day own Gallery 14, and his work with Man’s Image. I have everything else. Doesn’t he look beautiful in that loop? I so wish it was available. His hair looks nice. That tends to be a problem in some of his pictures but not here. He’s unbearably sexy, half wearing jeans and a denim jacket. Oh no! There I go gushing again! Another promise broken!

oh rats! really?? I have to admit I don’t have the magazine (Exhibit 2, but snagged a few images from an eBay auction some months ago. But I do remember the seller was selling this magazine, as well as a ROY DEAN that i didn’t “win” – so not sure if i got them mixed up, or he did.

so, WHICH clip is currently unavailable?

I was talking about “Bowman 1016” where he’s half wearing denim; the link to GEVI that I sent you. As far as I know it’s unavailable. I think that “Young Conquest” and “Stay Hungry” are also unavailable. I think everything else you can find on DVD or download from the internet. Exhibit 2 magazine features scenes from “The Crotch Watcher” and “Young Conquest”, as well as some pictures of him solo. There’s a tag line beneath the title that says “Gordon Grant…Encore!”

Unquestionably, the man who first awakened feelings in me telling me who and what I was. I was working as a summer intern in Times Square in ‘78 right after graduating from High school. Used to pass the Adonis theater on 8th Avenue and lovingly look at the life sized stand up of him outside advertising his movie HOT TRUCKIN’, which turned out to be his last film or movie. My fascination with him never ended. My husband gave me a reprint of the TRUCKIN’ poster for my recent birthday. About 20 years ago I was in touch with someone who sent me a rare printed story of him that touched on personal aspects of his life. It mentioned he had had a transsexual lover for awhile, female to male. This guy I talked to said the following too: he was incredibly sweet, did pass in the Southwest, was known for frequenting S&M clubs in SF in the mid to late 70’s, preferred slim, younger late teen types, and did a triumphant return in the late 80’s to SF to do a one night standing room show at the famed Nob Hill cinema there.

very cool! thanks for commenting and adding a bit more to our “Gordon Grant / Don Bowman” knowledge

Does anybody have his video when he did YOUNG CONQUEST? I read somewhere that the kid in YC was underaged and he faked his age. I hope someone uploaded this video.

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