from Virile Men (1979), published by Griffin International

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Those pubes. That hint of hairy crack going down to his hole. The “git yer fukkin’ face down thar NOW” look in his eyes.

This guy always turned my crank. Always always always always. Always.

It’s Ray Connors. The tattoo on the forearm a dead giveaway. You can see him top and bottom in Nova’s “Under Construction,” in a threesome scene with Raul Rivera and Clay Hughes. You could find ads for the movie as far back as 1978 Honcho’s, where it was then also being sold in 8mm. versions. email me if you’d like more shots of Connors; I’ve got seven nice ones including three color.

Could you please send me some shots of Connors too? I just love him and there’s not much to find online… I’d be very grateful.

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