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Keith Anthoni

Really? you got a big-dicked Italian model, and you come up with “Eh! let’s stick it in a plate of spaghetti, we throw some garlic and a bottle of Valpolicella wine in the picture, and we got art!”

Anyway, I’m sure you remember Keith from such films as El Paso Wrecking Corp. (1977) (“The Motorcyclist and the Harvard Man”), Pier Groups (1978), Subway (1980) Tough Guys (1982), and probably my favorite of him, his debut in Catching Up (1975) . Oh wait – maybe it’s Pier Groups, where Anthoni spends an afternoon at the “notorious” (and missed) West Side Piers pigging out, while his straight neighbor, Johnny Kovaks (hot mustached daddy, teasingly never involved in the sex all around him) wanders around the same piers sizing up the job of demolishing them!

And remember Tribute Pages??? – here’s The Keith Anthoni Tribute Page

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I love Keith Anthoni. I went to see the documentary KOCH about Ed Koch (however you feel about the man, it’s an interesting piece). There was a photo shown of ACT UP activists in NYC…and one of them was Keith Anthoni. I actually had a very unexpected emotional reaction and started crying. I’d never seen someone from the gay porn industry on the battle front during the AIDS crisis.

Both Richard Locke and Eric Stryker were also A.I.D.S. activists.

I remember seeing an 80’s picture of Richard Locke, holding up a protest sign; showing the number of people dead from the pandemic, in either TIME or NEWSWEEK. : (

In 1987, Eric Stryker appeared in the documentary “It Starts with A”, his last film appearance. He died in 1988. : (

May they all rest in peace.

I hope they rest in peace as well, far too many of the guys who got us all off during the early gay porn years suffered the same fate. It took some poz gay guys refusing to be silenced and just go away, to finally break through the deafening “I don’t see anything” zombie mindset that so much of straight America desperately wanted to prop up and hide behind, and these men of the ACT-UP and other organizations should be treated as heroes since they were.

I’d read that about Eric Stryker, and also that he marched in a pride parade shortly before he died when his KS was very noticeable, in part to draw attention to the symptoms and increase awareness. His film sounds like it would be a sad watch but also illuminating.

I knew I’d heard of at least one other 80s porn actor having made a documentary about his life with AIDS, blanked on it yesterday but today I woke up remembering Rydar Hanson (or Hansen). He was in Heroes, Strange Places … Strange Things and Buster The Best Years, among others, and was a Mr. Drummer California in the mid 80s, but died in 1989. He apparently made a film he called The Last Days of Rydar Hansen shortly before his death, and along with some other porn stars, may have blamed Wakefield Poole for going ahead with the filming of One Two Three even though Dave Connors was quite sick and wound up dying soon after the film was made. And this seems to have led to Wakefield’s permanent retirement as a porn director. Rydar was a German guy, uncut cock, I thought he looked really good in Heroes especially.

“tribute pages”!! – that’s the word I was looking for earlier discussing early internet pages dedicated to fave porn (and movie) stars!

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