Oh Pancho! Oh Vixen! Oh Pedro! Oh Blitzen!

Mamacita, donde esta Santa Claus?

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I search your blog for the word ‘zen’ and this comes up, must have been the Blit-zen in the title. How could I have never seen or heard this before, it’s brilliant! Khhhoooochie-khhhoooochie khhoooo indeed :) and maybe a reminder for next Christmas if you get stuck and are looking for a quick holiday-themed post.

In fact most of the search results turned up words like dozen, brazen (or the aforementioned Blitzen). But I was searching for times where you mentioned Michael Zen, and even when I used ‘michael+zen’ a few of the other words showed up.

You’ve mentioned Falconhead 2 a number of times, but did you ever do a post about the original? I refuse to call it Falconhead 1 since it was the only Falconhead until he decided to make a second part, which we’ve groused about that before …

So yeah, I did a review of the first Falconhead, and left a link to a post you did here with the clip of Brad Mason and Steve Collins mummified in saran wrap from the sequel too:

I was also trying to retrace my online steps to see where I got the info I added at the bottom of the review, about the music. I was convinced I didn’t know what the songs were, whether they were even stolen music which I suspected or if it might by chance have been an original score by someone.

But then when I opened my master doc for porn music, I had a page for Falconhead and there were nine songs listed, and I’ve verified a few of them (Tangerine Dream and the Kraftwerk song I just knew sounded familiar). I just can’t remember where or when I found out about this! Thought it might have come from you but I guess not, so I thought I’d share. Both the link to the review but also because of the music. Since you’re the person I know (in an online sense) who is as close to being into that as I am.

I quite enjoyed watching the whole movie before I did my write-up, there are some beautifully filmed scenes and the whole story that gets pieced together is interesting. Lots of symbolic imagery and some damn hot sex that’s highlighted, and not shunted off to the side in favor of a heavy plot. Wondered if you’ve seen it and what you thought of the original film.

Khhhoooochie-khhhoooochie khhoooo!! :p

so, just to review – the search function you see on my current blog will only search the wordpress portion of my blog – in other words, not the entire site, nor the years I was on “blogger” so I tested searching the entire website –, inputting this into GOOGLE SEARCH : falconhead michael zen – and got 49 results, many of which, as you can imagine, are for Falconhead2. But it’s useful not just for old blog posts on “blogger”, but also my various directors pages I did years back.

here’s a direct link to an old post about Falconhead (I’ve been using the wrong year, 1972, for a long time, and just read an interview with ZEN, so 1976, as you posted, is correct)

Yeah I noticed that about the year, the credits in the clip I used didn’t say. Gevi indicated 72 but lots of other sources (including imdb and iafd) said 76, plus there’s the fact that a number of the songs hadn’t been made yet in 72 so I went with the later one. Interestingly, the gevi director page for Michael says something about it being made or released in 77! I assumed it was maybe a typo on gevi’s part or something like that.

Thanks for the tips about your advanced search function, I know you’ve had some dissatisfaction with that part that you’ve mentioned before. After searching just the word zen first I thought I was being smart by putting michael+zen but as I said, it led to some false positives. Ah well, it’s no huge deal, just wanted to search and see what you might have said about him or the original film before.

I was impressed with the film (the first one I reviewed), there was a lot of symbolism and attention to detail. Combined with the music it took me on a cinematic trip that I don’t see too often in porn, and yet the sex scenes were hot too so it didn’t seem to shortchange one in favor of the other. All I’ve seen on part 2 is the clip with Steve and Brad that you’ve posted before, with Steve all wrapped up like a bologna sandwich lol, until Brad rips the back end off and fucks him which is pretty hot.

Hope you didn’t mind me using Charo as a segue into talking about Zen, since there were no other comments here I thought it would be a way to get the message to you. Cheers bud.

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