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Must you be so silly? I happen to love this iconic picture of these alpha males. Too bad there’s a line drawn over it. Jim Cassidy and Dakota were both pretty dynamic. I was wondering if you would ever post a picture of them together, or separate. They were among the first bodybuilders in gay porn. And without the use of steroids, I might add. I also appreciate the fact that they never got tattoos.

Two of the most beautiful men ever in gay porn. Dakota is married with grown kids; anyone know if Cassidy is still around?

I forgot to thank you originally, for posting this wonderful picture! My annoyance with your snide remark, overrode my sincere appreciation and gratitude – sorry! : )

Both of these two; were pioneering, vintage porn gods! Words can’t bring them down! So I can tolerate, whatever you say about them. What’s important is that you’re now mentioning them! And on more than one occasion! I always wondered why you ignored them in the past. : (

This picture was on the cover of “Hustler’s Holiday”. It’s one of the various publications released, featuring the same photographs inside. I know of six editions, maybe there are even more!

I absolutely love and treasure this particular photo! It’s among my favorite porn images, which I carry around in my mental hard drive. It’s locked securely in my memory! I think it’s downright, canonical!

The way they’re posed, allows them a certain degree of dignity and gravitas, even with the shag carpeting. It isn’t explicit, but it’s still powerful and moving, in my opinion. They both seem rather heroic, almost mythic. : 0

Not to be pretentious; but they make me recall such famous male couples, such as:

Heracles and Iolaus, Achilles and Patroclus, Agamemnon and Argynnus, Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, Nisus and Euryalus, Orestes and Pylades, Epaminondas and Pelopidas, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Damon and Pythias, and David with Jonathan in the Old Testament – loving warriors from classical mythology, and literature. : 0

From the same photo session; here are two other variations, of the same pose. They’re both in b & W. I also love and treasure these, almost as much as the one in color! : )

There are other hot pictures in this magazine. But they don’t have the same grandeur, of my first three picks!

As I’ve said before, I could be wrong; but I believe that Jim Cassidy and Dakota – may have been the first dynamic duo, of all-male porn. As far as I know, they were the first pair of superstars; who shared equal billing on a porn theater marquee. They made three or four films together.

They definitely were among the first bodybuilders. And without the use of steroids, I might add.

Their first film together, evidently was “Drilled Deep (1970)”. It frustrates me to no end, that I’ve never seen it. It’s never been released on video or DVD! : (

They both retired from gay porn by 1974. There’s some confusion as to whether “Greek Love aka A Wild Weekend (1980?)”; is the same film as “Drilled Deep”, only released in a truncated version. This film is also unavailable! : /



Either one or both of these films, spawned the numerous publications. So many pictures were taken; that I’m guessing that more viewers have seen these images online, than have seen either film! : 0

I confess to once owning “Hustler’s Holiday”. I believe the other magazine, “The Hustlers”, was the only one that didn’t feature them, on the cover. : (

I also owned “Hard?” and “A Wild Weekend”. What can I say? I’m such a fan! : )

However, I didn’t own “Alone Together” or “Greek Love”! I’m not that crazy! : )

It’s curious that the three magazines I used to own, none had a copyright date! The publishers must have gotten a lot of mileage; out of basically releasing the same magazine, time after time!

Not to hold grudges, but nothing you say; can compare to the damage made by one individual, who really angered me! : /

Marvin Jones was the writer from In Touch Magazine, who dubbed them, “the Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald of the gay films,” in 1974. Unfortunately, all these decades later, that lame title seems to have stuck.

I think Jones’ attempt at low camp humor, was both silly and emasculating. It undermines their power, and trivializes their legacy.

These alpha males were both so fantastic looking! They really did bring a touch of Hollywood style glamour, to early porn. I would have compared them to Redford and Newman. : )

; )

ok, wait, what???? “the Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald of the gay films,” – well, the good news is that few people alive today would know (or care) who the heck they were! I’d have to google it, but I’ll take your word, and of course just having one of them dubbed “Jeanette” I guess is the point – but as my Mom would say – THEY’RE JUST JEALOUS!

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