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I totally share your enthusiasm about the one and only, “Roger”!

Fascinating that in his early Target Studios loops, he was listed as Tom Garrett; but even they, succumbed to his single name – so distinct!

Browsing through your search engine, you have three posts dedicated to him, with a single image; along with a single title, “Roger”. : )

I chose this second one to reply to – wonderful close-up! I also appreciate that I’m the only one, commenting! You know my ego! It’s hard for me to share! LOL! : )

I have to say though; the other two, were also nice – great competition! : 0

This was your first, posted on 6-4-13: full body shot! He looks so cute and hot – pocket stud! : P

This third one you posted on 8-13-17. Another close-up, but with a different hair style – sexy!

As you know, Wakefield Poole directed Roger in his live solo act, at San Francisco’s Nob Hill Theater. He totally nailed Roger’s appeal; in describing him, as looking both aloof, and available.

Fortunately though, he doesn’t seem too arrogant. : )

(I hope these links work! They’re stills from “Hot House (1977)”) : /

It’s true, that in most of his pictures, he does seem rather detached. Yet at the same time, he can still smolder. George Payne also shares this quality. : )

This makes it easy for porn viewers, to project their fantasies on to him. : |

I’ve been meaning to share this sexy picture of him, which I find very endearing and playful! Maybe you already posted it. I can’t be sure.

I love how he mouths the word “Oooh…”! But even here, he still seems detached. : )

He proves that being aloof, can sometimes be sexy!

That’s part of the appeal of some female movie stars like Catherine Deneuve, Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, Anouk Aimee etc. It gives them a sense of mystery, imperiousness, and glamour. : 0

With actors like Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Jason Statham, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Sean Connery, etc., it makes them seem cool and macho! : D

I guess you could describe Roger, as being icy-hot, or burning-cool! : )

Ah, BJ! So many great posts! So little time! : (

; )

Greetings Obsessed, I wish I had a nickname for you like when you call cleverly (and sweetly) call me a ‘breath of fresh air’ but I can’t think of a consistent one. At least now I don’t confuse you with the blogger who rarely posts anymore. Progress!

I’m guessing a porn aficionado such as yourself already knows this, the footage of Roger shot by Wakefield Poole at the Nob Hill that you mentioned above, turned up a few years later in Hunk. J.D. Slater has a stack of VHS tapes and cycles through them, and this may have been the first time that the Roger footage was seen in a film or compilation, as opposed to just as loops in dirty booktores or before/after a featured presentation at a porn theatre. I did a reddit review of Hunk not long ago, if you, BJ or anyone is interested:

And because I’m such a nusic nerd, the main song from Hunk that I recognized was Wishbone by Tantra (which is also heard in Nova’s Dormitory Daze and other films). Though the song that plays during the Jack Wrangler scene from N.Y. Construction Co. sounded familiar to me also, I couldn’t place that one. Roger looks stunningly beautiful onstage and has a sort of boyish charm to his performance, though of course he’s all man. Anyway just thought I’d latch onto your comment with this extra info, cheers.

Greeting zephyr – my breath of fresh air! ; )

Belated thanks to you for your kind words and info. : )

I’m well aware of that porn short, which Wakefield Poole filmed of Roger’s performance at Nob Hill. He covers it quite extensively, in his bio “Dirty Poole (2011)” – fabulous book! According to him, the live show was quite a hit!

Before I first saw Roger in “Heavy Equipment” at the Nuart Theater (previously mentioned), I was only familiar with him, from all his magazine pictures.

They showed his Nob Hill loop, before “H.E” was screened. It sort of was like a porn version of a preliminary cartoon or newsreel, like they did decades ago, back in the day – added attractions!

Most of his films seem to be released in 1977. According to most reports, he was born in 1954. If that’s accurate, he was only 23, during his heyday! I find that rather astonishing, since he seemed more mature and worldly.

Then again, first hearing his rather boyish voice in “H.E.”, kind of threw me off.

What a distinct, vivid presence! You can’t mistake him for anyone else! Though at one time, Woody from GEVI; actually thought that he and Malo, were the same man! Really?!

I can’t resist posting another great close-up of him, courtesy of BJ! For someone who was low-key, he sure knew how to smoulder!

There are lots of great macho stars today, in all-male porn! So I don’t want to seem overly nostalgic.

But as I’ve said before, from about 1975 through the early to mid-‘80s; really was a golden period! There was such a sense of discovery! Today’s viewers, probably take current macho gay porn stars, for granted.

Just consider: Roger, Toby, Ledermeister, Erron, Bruno, Malo, Barry, Dakota, Denny, Stutz, Brutus, etc. – “We didn’t need surnames. We had faces!” Don’t I sound like Norma Desmond? LOL!

It’s pretty amazing how often we seem to be on the same wavelength! We’re both eclectic, in our taste! We appreciates both dads and lads; hunks and hotties!

I’m such a narcissistic egotist, so I always appreciate the shout outs! Hope BJ doesn’t mind. : )

Cheers, right back to you, and BJ! Stay cool and breezy! : )

Ah, BJ! So many great posts with great replies! So little time! : (

; )

Oops! I forgot to mention Moose, another single named, porn icon! I could kick myself! I hope Johnny-My Pet-Llama, will forgive me! Sorry! : / : )

; )

I’ve heard good things about Dirty Poole, I may have to read that someday. There are only a handful of gay porn-related biographies I’ve read, though the subject matter is right up my alley. I did find a site that had the full text of Wonder Bread & Ecstasy, the book about Joey Stefano that was very interesting; and I know there are more that people have recommended.

By the time I ventured into porn theatres when I was old enough in the mid 80s, the concept of previews of coming attractions was already a thing of the past. It was just, play a videotape to the end, eject it, stick the next one in. So the only previews I ever saw in theatres were the same kind shown at the beginning and end of the rental tapes. Ryan Idol saying ‘whaddaya you lookinat?’ as a 1-900 number was displayed across the bottom of the screen, like BJ dug up and posted for me a few years back when I hounded him about it (thanks again for that BJ!) But I know exactly what you’re talking about, legit theatres I went to as a kid would still sometimes show Bugs Bunny or Pepe LePew or other features like those before a movie started, newsreels not so much but I’m aware of that concept.

It seems like that Roger strip and j/o would have made a great feature like that at a porn house, sort of like a porn appetizer before the main course! Would have been great to have seen something like that. I went to NYC in the late 80s and a few buddies and I ventured into a porn emporium with a live show, but it was far from a Roger – just a scrawny guy who looked nothing like the hunks on the signs outside, stroking his greasy and long but unattractive dick while sitting on a stool on a small stage. Not enough to make me straight obviously, but I never sought out one of those kinds of places again, it just seemed like a ripoff.

I agree about the golden age guys of the 70s and 80s, obviously BJ does too as that’s the bulk of what he posts here. Which keeps us horndogs cumming back for more! Nice seeing your comments whenever you come by and take us all to school, hope you’re well too. :)

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