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The Seducers

This is from a magazine called The Seducers, basically still from the film Hot Off The Press (1984), I sold a copy of this many years ago. All I kinda remember is that quality wasn’t so good, bad sound, etc. My notes from the eBay auction:

  • scene 2: Matt Ramsey takes a break from work when a delivery man brings him a package
  • scene 2: Jon King and a smooth guy
  • scene 3: mustached Brad Mason and Michael Christopher Gayracula, Juice, Skin Deep , and Pleasure Beach
  • scene 4: Jon King pairs off with Clay Russell (who you may remember from Heatstroke and El Paso Wrecking Corp.
  • scene 5: mustached Brad Mason and David Ashfield
  • scene 6: Trent Washington, Robert Vega (Hispanic guy you may remember from Daddy Dearest, and Screen Play .

one of those mid 80’s films where casting credit goes to Daniel Holt…..hmmmm?!

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I can’t remember if I ever saw this film, or any of the scenes from it – none of the images here triggered a flash in my brain. But I sure remember David Ashfield from some of the other movies he did, especially the Pizza Boy- He Delivers (that scene with him and Grant Fagan on the picnic table is fantastic). He had such an “aww shucks I’m just a cute stoner with a big hard thick cock, you like it?” shtick that made me fall for him over and over :)

I realize he’s towards the latter end of your area of expertise, but I’d love to see you do a post focused on him. If you’re taking requests that is…

Uh-oh! Looks like I’m going to have to eat crow – bleah! : /

So you did post this romantic image, featuring Michael Christopher and Brad Mason, after all. : )

How did I miss this? Ah, you know me! I’m mushy-gushy! I love kissy-kissy! Two dude-bros., being affectionate with each other! Both of them manly, versatile, and well-hung! : 0

Damn! And I was looking forward to scolding you! Actually, in all seriousness, I decided to cut down on the scolding. I’m not going to totally give it up, because it’s just too much fun! : D

But lately, your posts have been just INCREDIBLE! Such accomplishment presented – so much great work and effort, as well as great surprises! I figured I should cut you some slack (for now). : )

So instead, let me segue into another detail involving “Hot Off the Press (1984)”.

As we both know, vintage star, Clay Russell, has quite a long porn resume.

For the longest time, I believed this was the only film, in which he bottomed – for little Jon King! It’s rather comical. Like a Chihuahua, trying to mount a Great Dane. You can see this online.

However, it may be just a simulation. You don’t actually see the “hydraulic entry shot”. Maybe it was physically impossible.

BELOW – What do you think? Is this real? (I hope this link works!)

It’s notable that Russell mostly topped, though he had an average size dick. Most porn tops tend to be well-endowed.

Now this is a total surprise, which I just recently learned! Evidently, he did ACTUALLY bottom for Jim Battaglia! Did you know about their flip-flop?

Do you know if the magazine “Hard Tools”, is from a porn film or loop, or is it just a publication – different title? I don’t see anything on GEVI. : |

Here’s the clinical proof. Scroll down to view all the pictures toward the end.

Wow, isn’t the internet wonderful! To think at my advanced age, I’m still discovering new things about vintage porn! As they say, you can’t know everything!

This is just amazing! And so is your blog, BJ honey! : )

Ah, BJ! So many great and surprising posts! So little time! : (

; )

you’re so funny – tangents, hijacks, etc. even without looking at the videotape, I would guess fervently that it’s not faked – I just don’t think anyone would bother!
“Like a Chihuahua, trying to mount a Great Dane.” – I’m not sure exactly what you meant, but Clay is not a tall man! In fact, in the 12-13 minute scene these boys did together, at more than one point they are standing next to each other and are about the same height. Granted Clay has more muscles…. in terms of topping Clay, well yes – but. You don’t actually see penetration, just this same angle until Jon is ready to cum. Oh, and another thing – in the film, Clay starts to top, and suddenly, he’s bottoming! Bad copy? Bad Editing? Or maybe it never happened! Remind me to dig that scene out for future dissection.

Hard Tools – yes, familiar with that magazine, and no, I’ve never been able to tie it to an actual film. Has the look of NOVA or Tom DeSimone. and if it is not from a film, did any actual fucking happen, or just fauxfuck for some still pics?

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