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Hank Hightower

I don’t usually post 1990’s stars (and he continued his career well into the 2000’s in a lot of bear porn, like Bathhouse Bears, Bear Country, Bear Hug, Bear Necessities, Bear Trap, Bear Skin and Bear Tracks, among many others), but its furry fuzzy Hank, after all. Looks like LOST IN VEGAS (1993) was his first movie, where he orally worships hairy Alec Danes, from what I remember.

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it was twenty years ago today
mister BJ told the men to play
he’d been scouring porn from near and far
and he wanted us to make him hard
so he let his readers sent him smut
and the winner got to pick some junk

master BJ’s porno-crazed ramblings

the challenge showed a furry tank
of mister Hightower, first name Hank
dressed as a cop and fucking away
at a speeder who refused to pay
tell him all the kinky details cuz…
does he remember who the winner was?

master BJ’s porno-crazed ramblings

“I realize having another dupedpornovideo give-away asking you to merely guess the lead actor’s identity is too easy, so to make it a bit more interesting, you’ll need to correctly identify the hairy hunk cop, then tell me whether you want to top or bottom with him in a porno movie, and why (yes, you’ll have to turn me on to win – duh; and no, I can’t arrange for you to actually do a porno movie scene with him).” [12-2-03]

(forgive me Beatles for I have sinned)

I liked the winning submission too, which you posted a few days later:

“That’s studly Hank Hightower who, if I had my druthers, could pound my ass any time he wanted, porno movie or not. Hank is a hot fucking daddy who defies the standard shaved and buffed porno star look…”

I found myself digging around through your original blog and just thought I’d make a play on the ’20 years ago today’ theme, whoever the lucky and horny winner was I hope he got a nice reward.

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