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The Bigger They Are

Rod Mitchell and Judd Preston in The Bigger They Are – but i really doubt it’s 1984 – much closer to 1980, right?

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Ah, yes. I vaguely remember choking on the thick cigarette smoke as some kind gentleman choked on my choda at the New David theatre sometime long go. Very familiar. Cool kiickin’ sound track, fer shur. :-)

Soundtrack was definitely special, and varied. I didn’t like the first 5 minutes that much, but by the time the blonde is getting fucked, there are these weird, unexpected and charming whiffs of ‘Theme from A Summer Place’, of all things. Although this was one helluva summer place. Not making a part of some lame plot was great in this case.

They’re both 10’s but the blonde’s an 11. He looks as good in white bikini as he does out of it. They had to have prepared their asses, such smooth entry both.

Was the David the same as the New David? The one I’m talking about lasted until 1995 or 1996, I fucked somebody standing up at my lunch hour, was totally unexpected euphoria. Hadn’t been one of my favourite theaters.

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