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New York is a Summer Sextival

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What used to happen on “the trucks”? I remember an episode of QAF where all the bars got shut down, and so Brian and Justin went to some loading dock area, paid a cover chasrge to get in and then milled about with other guys looking to public sex in the back of one of them. I would guess that it was something similar here but I’m not sure.

oh my! I’m no expert, but I’ll do some googling – as I don’t want you to think QAF shows our history very well! Basically the loading docks on the West Side – meat packing district – the trucks got washed out, left open, adn men would go to have sex. SOrry I was late to the boat, er, truck by the time I arrived in NYC in the early 80’s.

Thanks for the link, that was an interesting read. Sounds like in at least this one instance, QAF did represent something from our collective history that was fairly accurate – since from what I remember about the storyline, all the gay bars in Pittsburgh were shut down after someone died inside one of them, so the guys went “retro” and started looking for alternate locations to cruise like they had done at the back room at Babylon. I actually liked QAF, the first 2-3 seasons especially, and I think they probably should have ended it sooner than they did.

Also I didn’t mean to imply that you would have had first hand knowledge of the trucks, I think we’re closer in age than a lot of gay guys I know now. But I was unclear how long that was a thing in NYC. Cheers BJ.

Just saw this looking through. The Trucks were marvelous, but went earlier than other outdoor near-West-Street outdoor ‘venues’, such as some of the covered piers (not Pier 42 where the poets did readings), which lasted well into the 80s, although the roof of one of them collapsed. But in the early 70s, I had a good amount of sex at The Trucks, and in the late 70s met one of my hottest lays ever at one of the Piers (we called them “The Suck Barns”.)

The Brass article was interesting, but I had thought ‘Leather Flats’ was the very low-rise apartment development just in from the river, and which is still inhabited. But while they were building it, we could get in at night and fuck and suck–amazing they left those open; they could have been concurrent with the last year or so of the Trucks, but worked just like them. Once I was at The Trucks and picked a really hot guy and sucked him off on the hood of one of the trucks themselves, then went with him and another hot Italian for breakfast at the old Bickford’s back to my apt. on w. 24th St., where I stayed 3 months of the summer before Paris.

Those were definitely glorious days. And the Suck Barns, even uncovered, were exclusively homosexual (or almost), and crumbling enough then that I was able to have sex on some of them at least through 1989.

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