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barnyard sex

luckily, no, there are no drawings of sex with barnyard animals – but I do love the look on the cow’s face watching the 3-way!

eBay auction – BARNYARD SEX by Rodd – 1970’s illustrated sloppy sex SEAN?

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You actually had quite of number of erotic art subjects, posted. I collected almost a full page of links! I was going to use a number of them, as I mentioned various erotic illustrators, as reference.

But now, I’m just going to chuck the idea – no use! I’m still heartbroken that, is now defunct! They had EVERYONE listed! Including some, I’ve never heard of – just wonderful and exclusive! Not to mention, accessible!

They even had the erotic work of such “respected” artists like Paul Cadmus, Jean Cocteau, David Hockney, and Don Barchardy! In future posts, I’ll just mention REX and Tom of Finland. That’s it.

But before I do, I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention Neel Bate aka BLADE (1916-1989). He may have been the first, explicitly homoerotic known artist; whose work was published, on U.S. record – renegade!

This post, made me think of his famous 1948 series of drawings, known as “The Barn”, for obvious reasons! All of your readers should be aware of BLADE – pioneer! That includes you too, zephyr and Johnny-My Pet-Llama! You better! : )

It’s wonderful, that he was actually able to publish new works in the 80’s, before he died!

I think Vint70’s-Lvr website, had an 80’s drawing of his, that was featured in Advocate Men, but don’t quote me! But alas, that website; has also gone defunct – STOP THE INSANITY! Will it ever end? : (

Keep on trucking, BJ! You may be the last gay porn blog, left standing! I hope not! Make sure your work is archived, before your passing! Please! So much great information can’t be lost to the future!

; )

“Make sure your work is archived, before your passing! “ – such a lovely sentiment to wake up to! I assume you’ll be the first to donate to the BJland Betterman Foundation in order to fulfill that goal, right?

Sorry, BJ honey! I didn’t mean to be morbid. It’s just that I value your website, so much! : D

Yours and Woody’s GEVI, must live on forever! : 0

How much do you want me to send you? ; )

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