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happy birthday, george

George Payne (who you may remember from such films as The Back Row, Centurians of Rome, Four Letters, Kiss Today Goodbye, Superstars, Men Come First , and one of my all-time favorites co-starring Jack Wrangler, Navy Blue) is having a birthday today (February 7, 1939?? – hard to believe he was in his 30’s for The Back Row)! Happy Happy, George.

George Payne on BJLAND

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Hey BJ, you or some of your readers might find this interesting, as I did. The Rialto Report website posted an article last month where they showed George a copy of an interview he gave to the Advocate in 1973, and got him to provide his own current commentary about what he had said almost 50 years ago now. Topics include filming the Back Row with Casey Donovan, other acting roles in porn and non-porn, his life and upbringing, working out etc. Lots of great 70s pics of George and a few recent ones included at the end too. Here’s the link:

… and as someone points out in the comments, and as you alluded to in your post here, the year of his birth (listed on gevi as 1939) seems way too early, especially if he really was in a high school yearbook in 1967, as the person who left the comment claimed. He didn’t look 30-something to me in the Back Row, not by a long shot. Maybe gevi fat fingered one of the digits and he was really born in 1949? Regardless of his age he’s a fairly rare example of a guy who starred in some of the films you specialize in who is still around, which is great.

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