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the flyer/brochure caught my attention, then I could find nothing about Mr. Bouchard… after days of hunting through the hard-drive, and eBay, and some internet searches (thanks, Retrostuds, why weren’t you bookmarked before???) this is what I come up with – Target model, seems to have done no film work, and seemed to have his heyday in 1979/1980. Meanwhile, I went down a rabbit hole looking at eBay auctions, some relevant to this search, but most not (reminiscing about Tijuana Toilet Tramps – why did I sell that – Anthony Gallo in the men’s room!!!!? – I digress)…. so these are the bits I’ve found, and leads to finding more (Target 1980 Calendar, Honcho April 1980, Honcho February 1980…) you can see how this can be all-consuming! Funny, his cocks pics aren’t that impressive, so maybe it’s the balls, the legs, the socks??? or, like all hot men, the whole package! and only one partial ass shot – the search continues!

Anyone else?

more Bob Bouchard at RETROSTUDS

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nope, did not know that ! but yes, I have seen those pics a bazzillion times – and seems i have a few more on the harddrive –

LOL! Oh my God! That website isn’t exactly subtle, is it? I would imagine, even YOU would blush. The owner definitely has a tabloid imagination! Jesus! : /

Just get a load of the headlines: “It’s Time To Cum!” “Everyone Gets Fucked!” “Callipygian Corner!” “Love It When You Eat It!” “Pound That Ass!” “Some Like It Huge!” “Spread Those Cheeks!” “Twink Tank” “Fuck Me, Daddy!” Mercy! LOL!

This reminds me of the time I was in a gay book store; the porn section, of course. One of the magazine’s titles was, “THIS AIN’T YOUR DADDY’S PUSSY MAGAZINE!” : )

hmmmm, not sure you know my blushness level… but I would “EWWWWWWW” at the use of the p-word!

Don’t worry, BJ honey. Although I watch porn, you know I’m gentleman. I would never say anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.

I promise never to use, the “P-word”. If the occasion arises again, I will only address it by the proper, medical term: “VAGINA”. : /

Is that okay? Did it make you blush? : )

I don’t remember who said that sex was God’s little joke, on humanity. Explicit sex mixed in with humor, always turns to camp. : )

Let me share two examples, of sexual “dirty” talk. Both these anecdotes, made me laugh out loud.

In the gay travelogue, “States of Desire (1980)”, author Edmund White, describes a random sex encounter he had, in the Lone Star State.

Right before his Texan partner climaxed, the Texan actually exclaimed, “I’m fixin’ to cum!” LOL!

When I have the time, I like to treat myself to some free, online gay porn. I’m sure you’re aware of the websites: Pornhub, XVideos, XHamster, RedTube, GayForIt, GayMaleTube, BoyfriendTV, etc.

If a loop is especially enjoyable, I love to read the comments section. I don’t remember what movie it was, but I’m pretty sure it was a bareback video. As you know, they can be pretty raw, raunchy, and nasty – orgies, gang bangs, body fluids, lots of anal, etc.

One overly, enthusiastic viewer, voiced his approval with the comment:

“We were born to fuck each other!” LOL!

Okay BJ! In case you didn’t know! Listen up! Don’t forget! Let me remind you! Check your watch! Spread the word! Yell it from the roof tops!


; )

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