"vintage" porn stars

dan pace tied (placeholder, example, template)

who you may remember from such films as

  • (1983) k

another rabbit hole, after finding just how many pornstars I like who appeared in the “Men of Action” magazines – Men of Action Photo Album, Men of Action In Bondage, Action Male – and who knows what else we’ll uncover

anyway – great pic, eh?

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Testing how long a link address I can leave here, this is an image of a page from a Bay Area Reporter in 1980, with a couple of pics of Dan Pace:

It’s quite a large image, clicking on it zooms in so you can see it pretty well (for being in a newspaper, that is) but it really had me wanting to see more pics of Dan. Or better, magazine quality versions of the same Zeus pics as the paper printed in 1980. Naturally I came here first, and found your above post, plus a bunch of results that didn’t match “dan pace” specifically, just a part of his name (Daniel Holt, for example, came up on this search due to matching the “dan” part). I wondered if you had seen these pics before, and if you had better versions of them or any others?

I sometimes forget about the quotes, I always use that when searching the web but for some reason I didn’t when I commented above. And that was what led to the incorrect results. Putting quotes I did find some other posts you’d done about him, thanks. I figured he was somebody you had featured before as soon as I saw it, and remembered him from LA Tool & Die.

glad you found that post – as it was supposed to be a placeholder for my occasion series “pornstar videography” which I hope to include magazine appearances…. but as you can imagine, you start to put one together, and you go down a rabbit hole of research and distraction – oh, my DRAFTS FOLDER has close to 90 posts waiting for publication! SO I at least went to look for more pics to flesh out Dan’s, and jesus he has a lot of sunglass pics! I had forgotten he was in the Nighthawks In Leather magazine, but perhaps didn’t make it to the film (there is a short…. oh, here I go…)

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